Curt Schilling is having a tough time in the real estate market. Check this out: On March 26, 2008, Curt put his mansion on the market for $8,000,000. A year later, almost to the exact date, March 16, 2009, he reduced the price by $3mil to $5,000,000.

On September 16, 2009, the price was changed again to $4,900,000.

Last week, he reduced the price once again by $400,000 to $4,500,000. Total days on the market: 602.

The Schillings bought the house in 2004 from former New England Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe for $4.5 million. Bledsoe had originally put the house on the market for $9 million back in 2002, when QB Tom Bradey took his job and Drew shuffled off to Buffalo. It took Drew two years and a 50 percent price reduction to sell it.

To make matters worse, Curt Schilling’s neighbor listed their house for sale with the same asking price of $4,500,000.

The pictures below are MLS photos of Curt Schilling home.




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