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Here are seven (7) dirty words you can’t say in real-estate ads: Exclusive, Quiet, Private, Bachelor, Kids, Walking an Playroom.

Due to a slew of recent lawsuits and the increased enforcement of court cases, companies such as Corcoran Real Estate are taking pains to strip terms such as “bachelor pad” which may discriminate against couples, and the terms “couples” and “family-friendly” which may offend singles.

According to the New York Post:

“By saying ‘walking distance’ I would be discriminating against those who are unable to walk.” Christine Toes a Corcoran vice president wrote on the blog

Lucky for me, it is still not against the law for Boston brokers to describe a coffin-sized studio as “cozy.” Why? Beacuse I just sold a “cozy” 300 sq ft coffin-like studio at 21 Beacon Steet for an asking price of $239,000
for $245,000.00

Source: NY Post Real Estate

PS – To my real estate agents please never use the sinful statement such as : “close to churches and synagogues” Why? I don’t want those damm Atheists to sue me.

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