It Isn’t a SNAP

An American family who,
On a pittance, must try to make do,
Turns to fed’ral assistance
To get their subsistence,
As one out of seven do, too


L’Affaire IMF Syle

A maid whose hotel greatly trusted her
Once confronted a sight that disgusted her,
And beat a retreat
From a luxury suite,
When an IMF package was thrust at her.


The $37 Billion Question

Said a Harvard professor of econ,
“That Google’s got something unique on:
They have cash by the score,
Yet still borrow more;
This is something I’ve puzzled all week on.”

Said an expert in cross-border taxes,
“I should hope the professor relaxes;
As Google keeps cash
In an overseas stash,
‘Til taxation here wanes and not waxes.”

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