So, ten days ago, I added the Inman News feed.

I like Inman News. There is a lot of good information available. Sure, some of it might not seem relevant (lithium batteries, anyone?), but you might find one or two good posts, a week, that make it all seem worth it. For example, Lou Barnes’ posts, once a week, are spot-on with excellent analysis of the mortgage loan market and state of the US economy. And, Dyan Hymer’s column always has good Q&A from the average homebuyer.

Several people have told me that they don’t think the content is worthwhile. They think 1) it’s irrelevant; and, 2) it’s not what this website is all about.

My argument for the content is, 1) if one in three entries helps, then it’s all worth it; 2) adding these entries builds content, which helps future visitors, plus it also helps with Google search, which is the ultimate goal, right?; and, 3) dude, I already paid for it; you’re criticism is too little, too late.

But, seriously, do you hate it?