I usually don’t write about dating and luxury apartments in the same blog post, but today I’ll make an exception to the rule.

This morning I was reading an article in the New York Post entitled: Welcome, Ladies with a subtitle: Would you sleep with this guy because of his apartment? He certainly hopes so.

Basically, this bizarre researched article was about how some NYC single-woman allegedly will do almost anything to be with a bachelor who has a luxury apartment. Now I want to make sure this is clear to my female readers: I was appalled by the content of this worthless article, but I must confess, I did glance at a paragraph or two. 

The following excerpts are from the NY Post from a 42-year old bachelor commenting on single woman and his luxury apartment:

“This one businesswoman, she came over, and she said she was ‘not like the other girls,’ ” he recalls of the guest, who announced that she did not sleep with men on the first date.

“Well, fast-forward an hour after seeing the apartment, and not only was she like the other girls, she was worse…”

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Summary: So if you’re a single guy down on your luck, please call one of my agents and we’ll help find you a Boston luxury apartment. You’re on your own after that.