Here’s a fake news story I wrote, yesterday.
We can dream about something like this happening, can’t we?

Mayor proposes 12,000 housing units built by 2009
Menino speaks of ‘bold vision’ for city

Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday called for the construction of 12,000 units of housing, to be approved and built over the next three years, to demonstrate Boston’s confidence in its future.

”Here, we’ll be looking for proposals that symbolize the full scope of this city’s greatness,” Menino told the city’s business community yesterday, in a speech at the Seaport Hotel on the South Boston Waterfront.

Need more housing

“We need more housing. That much is clear. Housing prices continue to rise, even as the number of sales has stagnated over the past several months. Something needs to be done. We need to encourage middle-class people to stay, and, actually, to move into Boston. The only way to do that is to increase the number of moderately-priced condos and single-family homes for sale.”

“There is nothing wrong with building luxury condos, per se, but we need to increase the housing stock, overall, so that everyone who wants to can afford to live in Boston. ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’, they say. And, it is true, in this case. The more housing we have, the greater options there will be for all potential homeowners.”

“We all benefit by having a more diverse resident population. And, of course, the city benefits through increased property tax and other tax revenues.”

The Mayor received 37 standing ovations during his well-received presentation. Several attendees cheered and patted each other on the back, heartily, and one even shouted out toward the end, “We’ll see you in the State House because of this, Tom!”

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