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Jay Fitzgerald of the Herald started with:

… I’m not a ‘red brick’ Bostonian. But I do think the best architecture magically complements its surroundings and then boldly takes off in new directions. All of this ‘glass and steel’ emphasis, in my opinion, is a simplistic vanity of those desperately trying to prove they’re hip and not bourgeois, making them only less hip and more bourgeois. …

I responded with:

If not brick or glass and steel, then what? Concrete? Adobe? Hay?

I wasn’t thinking outside the box, enough, apparently.

From, New York City:

The Landmarks Preservation Commission today approved a certificate of appropriateness for a new residential co-operative building with 8 units at 372 Lafayette Street in NoHo. The 6-story building is distinguished by its red-metal structural frame that houses shipping container boxes.

Oh, wouldn’t that be hilarious to have in Boston. Mmm.

Source: Jay Fitzgerald, by way of the Universal Hub, and City Realty

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Updated: January 2018

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