So, they want to build a “level 4” lab in the South End, next to the Boston Medical Center. The lab would be used by scientists to study the world’s deadliest germs and potential bioterrorist weapons. Similar laboratories are used to develop vaccines and treatments for anthrax, plague, hemorrhagic fevers and other killer pathogens.

Now, whether or not a biolab should be built in the South End is a good question. (Based on what I know, I support it.)

Unfortunately, the points of view of relatively-normal people are being lost due to complete nutjobs taking control of the conversation.

From the South End News:

An educational forum focused on the security of the BioSafety Level 4 laboratory (BioLab) currently being built on Albany Street drew, at its peak, about 35 people, including state Rep. Gloria Fox, to the Cathedral High School gym July 9.

Area residents peppered representatives from Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) with questions about how BioLab employees would deal with scenarios ranging from an airplane crashing into the building, to the simultaneous infection of all 660 employees at the lab, to two doctors teaming up to pull off a terrorist plot

… David Mundel, a South End resident who has been a vocal critic of the decision to build the lab in the South End, expressed astonishment that [a water] culvert ran within the security perimeter of the BioLab.

So if somebody went under there and it only four feet from [the security perimeter] and set off explosives  are you telling me that there won’t be panic on the site so I can go in at will

… Mundel countered by apologizing for airing the scenario publicly and then outlined a plot by which determined terrorists could get into the culvert now, as the building is being constructed and before the waterway has been secured, put explosives in place and then detonate them after the facility is operational. “One could do this right now,â€? Mundel said.

… In answer to Webmans question of whether the facility could handle the simultaneous exposure of all 660 employees of the BioLab to an infectious agent, Tohmassian said, That doesn’t happen.

… Webman was satisfied with the answer, however. You’re all assuming that those exposed will show immediate symptoms,â€? he said. You can guarantee that someone in your facility isn’t going to walk out and get on a trolley car after becoming infected with a bio-hazardous agent.

The next forum of the Community Liaison Committee, titled “What Will Be Studied, What Are The Risks? will be held Aug. 6, at 7 p.m. in the Cathedral High School gym on Washington Street.

Complete story: BioLab officials peppered with questions about safety – By Susan Ryan-Vollmar, South End News

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