There was an advertisement in this week’s Boston Homes from the developers of a new project about to break ground in Providence, Rhode Island.

There will be a new 105-unit building constructed next to and attached to the existing Westin hotel, in dowtnown Providence.  You probably know the existing building – it’s that huge, monstrous, boxy, brick building across from the mall.  Well, good news!  The new building will look just like it!  Construction is expected to be completed by mid-2007.

Aesthetics aside, it’s an interesting idea and perhaps worth checking out, if you are considering moving a bit south from Boston.  The commuter rail is only 45 minutes to South Station, after all.  That beats the Southeast Expressway, anyday.

They haven’t set up a fully-functional website, yet.  Just a place where you can enter in your personal information to get on their “VIP” email-list.  Go to to do so.

You can learn more about the project, of course, by doing a Google search of “westin providence condo”.  There are a couple good Providence Journal stories out there.

The developer’s website is helpful, too.  The website is

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