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Wes Welker may have been a great wide receiver for the Patriots, but he’s a lousy Back Bay landlord, a former tenant claims.

The New York Post reported that Wes Welker won a $56k judgment against his former tenant for not paying rent. The former Patriot rented out his $2.3 million Back Bay condo for $10,000 per month in 2011 and 2012. However, the tenant is fighting back claiming that Wes Welker wasn’t a good landlord and the three bedroom Back Bay condo was a dump.

In the Post the tenant also described the condition of the furnished Back Bay apartment:

*Tenant lost hundreds of dollars worth of food from the failure of Sub-Zero refrigerator.
*Zebra rug was dirty.
*Massage chair malfunctioned.

To make matters worse, The tenant claims Wes Welker “had a ton of girls in Boston he had relationships with and I had to take messages.”

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