The city has received only one bid after its request for proposals to build a new 80-story high-rise in Boston’s financial district.

Not surprisingly, the bidder is Stephen Belkin, chairman and founder of Trans National Group and an (absentee) owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball and Atlanta Thrashers hockey teams.

According to the Globe:

Belkin has hired Meredith & Grew/Oncor as development manager for his project, and he has been working with architects including the highly regarded Renzo Piano of Italy, who designed the commercial and cultural Centre Pompidou in Paris.

According to the Boston Business Journal:

Belkin’s team has proposed 1.3 million square feet of commercial office space, 40,000 square feet of retail and restaurant uses and 55,000 square feet of public space including a one-acre including a one acre “Town Green” and a rooftop garden called “Lookout Garden.”

I’m not going to be all sour and say the reason no one else bid is because this was rigged in Belkin’s favor from the start. I know nothing about commercial real estate.

Meaning, I’m naive.

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