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I’m often asked by downtown Boston real estate owners when the best time is to sell. And it seems like all bets are off these days amidst the pandemic.

Boston Real Estate Peak Seasons

The busiest times in Boston real estate market—when many homeowners tend to list their properties—are traditionally the Spring and Fall. The weather is good, there are plenty of  condo buyers out there and there are no major holidays to distract everyone.

But there can be stronger competition at the peak times, with more inventory on the market that can swing buyers’ away from your home. For example, being one of only a handful of nicely presented condos on the market can result in more offers for you.

Though you should take seasonal aspects into concerns, it’s equally important to determine the best time to sell specifically for you. And you’ll need a solid game plan. Here are the main factors you’ll need to sort out:

Boston Real Estate Considerations

– Where will I go if I sell my downtown condo?
– Can I buy my next home first, and sell after?
– How long it will take to sell my property?
– How much is my property worth, and how much will I need for my next purchase?
– What will I have to do to get my property ready for sell?
– What are the main selling costs?

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

As it takes time to develop your game plan, I recommend getting started at least a couple months prior to your targeted selling timeframe. One of the primary parts of my job is to consult with potential  Boston condo sellers about the aforementioned factors. If you’re considering selling in 2021, please contact me at 617.595.3712 or I’d be happy to do an initial consult to help point you in the right direction.

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