Millennium Tower Boston High-Rise

Millennium Tower Boston High-Rise

“Are you thinking of renting or a buying a home in Millennium Tower Boston? From the exceptional amenities to its private sky club, the luxury living in the 60-story residential building is the envy of many. But with the luxury of its amenities comes a steep price tag. In this blog post, we’ll explore the prices of renting and buying at Millennium Tower Boston, details about the amenities, information on parking, and descriptions of the stunning views. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Luxury Living of Millennium Tower Boston!”

Quick Overview

The condos and apartments at Millennium Tower Boston feature open layouts and luxurious fixtures, with amenities such as a wellness spa and rooftop terrace. Prices for units range from $1M to $8M. Parking is available with different amenities related to size and location. Residents also enjoy breathtaking views of downtown Boston from many of the units.

Location of the Millennium Tower Boston

Millennium Tower Boston is located in the heart of the bustling Downtown Crossing neighborhood, providing residents with close proximity to a variety of amenities that make downtown living so attractive. It is just steps away from the Theater District at 230 Washington Street with easy access to transportation, shopping, and dining. With its prime location near The Greenway and some of the best restaurants in the city, Millennium Tower Boston is truly one of a kind when it comes to luxury living in downtown Boston.

While many people find this central location desirable, there are others who feel that such a centralized locale can be noisy and crowded. With its connectedness to the city’s financial district and its well-known reputation for being home to some of Boston’s finest restaurants, Millennium Tower can be subject to traffic congestion during peak hours or after major events.

No matter which point of view suits you best, Millennium Tower Boston provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the city’s many amenities while still maintaining luxurious living standards. As you research your potential condo living space within Millennium Tower Boston, the next step is to explore what condos are available and their respective prices.

Key Points

Millennium Tower Boston is a luxury high-rise in the heart of Downtown Crossing and offers close access to transportation, shopping, dining, and more. Its central location is attractive, though can be noisy and congested due to its connection to downtown Boston’s financial district. Residents have the opportunity to feel connected to the city while maintaining luxurious living standards; research needs to be done in order to find the best condo within Millennium Tower Boston that fits their budget.

Condos Available and Prices

Millennium Tower Boston is known for its luxurious living. Potential buyers can choose from a variety of condominiums, ranging in size and price. The smallest condo starts at 700 square feet and the largest condo covers over 4,000 square feet, each offering unique layouts with great views of the city. Prices range from $800,000 to $9 million, depending on the particular unit.

Though expensive, many buyers argue that the condos are an excellent value considering the high-end accommodations, amenities and superb views. Others dispute that claim, pointing out that it is possible to find larger, higher quality luxury apartments for similar prices. However, there is no doubt that Millennium Tower offers a unique living experience unlike any other.

This makes the tower a popular choice amongst those who are looking for upscale accommodation in the heart of downtown Boston. With its modern design and spectacular city skyline views, it continues to be one of Boston’s top residential locations.

The next section will discuss the amenities available within Millennium Tower Boston such as full-service concierge services and exclusive club access.

  • A 2,000 square foot condo in the Millennium Tower averages around $3.2 million USD.
  • Individuals who choose to purchase residential parking spaces at the Tower will pay an average of $135,000 USD for each spot.
  • According to Zillow, the current median rent of a 2 bedroom unit in Millennium Tower is approximately $12,200 per month.

Amenities in the Building

Millennium Tower Boston offers a wealth of amenities for its residents, from fitness centers to outdoor terraces and lounges. The complex at Millennium Tower includes six full-floor sky lounges with catering kitchens and barbecues, a library, wine storage, a cinema room, golf simulator and private dining rooms.

The tenth floor is devoted to the building’s fitness center, with state-of-the-art equipment that includes Technogym treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines. Millennium Tower also has separate men’s and women’s locker rooms with steam and massage rooms within each. If you’re in need of some relaxation time there are two outdoor terraces on the 18th floor as well as a 50 foot lap pool.

On offer is also 24/7 concierge service, room service, doorman service and valet parking. Additionally, there is a free shuttle bus service available to the MBTA green line at Lechmere station along with a complimentary car service that makes drop offs in the North End twice daily. Residents of Millennium Tower can be sure their needs are tended to in this luxury high rise building.

Despite the many amenities available to residents of the tower, some have argued that the quality does not match other luxury buildings in Boston, as some of its features lack upkeep or modernity. Whether or not this matters is up for debate.

In any case, it’s clear Millennium Tower Boston provides plenty of amenities for luxury seekers looking for convenience and comfort in an urban setting. Moving on now to Parking and Accessibility at the Millennium Tower we will explore what else makes this building an attractive option for those looking to live in downtown Boston.

Parking and Accessibility at the Millennium Tower

Millennium Tower Boston is located in the bustling heart of downtown Boston, and offers easy access to many forms of transportation. The building itself is within walking distance of MBTA stations such as South Station, Chinatown Station, and Downtown Crossing Station. The area provides multiple options for commuting by car including Uber, Lyft, and municipal parking garages nearby.

The city has been criticized for its lack of parking near Millennium Tower Boston due to limited space. Nevertheless, it does provide parking for residents in the open air ground-level lot on the Van Ness Street side of the building. Although there are not many off-street spots available near the building’s entrance, tenants have access to a number of valet garages in the area that offer affordable rates to those living in (or visiting) the Millennium Tower. With its convenient location close to public transportation and ample parking nearby, it’s no wonder that so many people value this building’s accessibility features.

In terms of wheelchair accessibility, Millennium Tower Boston provides its occupants with handicap-accessible elevators and ramps throughout the building. However, access to its upper floors can be difficult as some require a key card or code to reach higher levels. Those with disabilities may find themselves needing assistance when using key-card protected elevators or halls on different levels within the building.

It goes without saying that parking is not only necessary for those who live in the tower but also for visitors of its retail outlets, restaurants, and other amenities. Despite criticism from some quarters about lack of spaces circling around Millennium Tower Boston’s perimeter, ultimately it remains one of downtown Boston’s most accessible buildings with regards to transportation options and accessible facilities. Furthermore, there are numerous dining options within just a few blocks radius which helps make life easier for those visiting or residing in this iconic tower.

With these convenient aspects taken into account, it is easy to see why so many opt for an upscale residence at Millennium Tower Boston. Next we will cover elevators and lifts at the Millennium Tower; an important feature given the expansive number of floors found here.

Elevators and Lifts

At the Millennium Tower in Boston, tenants can reach their luxurious apartments via powerful and reliable elevators and lifts. The two high-speed elevators of the towers are designed to provide quick service from the garage level to the upper residential levels, ensure that residents waiting time is minimized. With a shaking speed of no more than eight feet per second, one can reach their respective floor in just a matter of seconds.

The lifts are supplemented by two open elevator banks featuring spacious cars to accommodate strollers and other bulky items easily. Furthermore, these individual elevators provide direct access all the way up to 54th level allowing the passengers some spectacular views while they ascend or descend.

These elevators and lifts also take into account the sense of security felt by its tenants. Access is restricted to one’s own floor using hi-tech fob technology as well as round-the-clock video surveillance in each lift area as well as security personnel guarding each entrance point. This allows individuals to have peace of mind when travelling inside this building, so they can concentrate on admiring and enjoying their ride up or down.

All equipment included with the Tower is maintained and serviced regularly to ensure a seamless, secure experience for its tenants at all times.

The elevators and lifts within Millennium Tower Boston offer an unrivalled level of style and convenience for residents that few buildings can match. These features definitely take the luxury living experience one step further, allowing residents a view combined with utmost safety and comfort as they commute from place to place. In order to make sure that residents get these benefits in full effect, it is important for property managers to carry out periodic maintenance on these elevators and lifts, ensuring that everything works smoothly for all tenants involved.

With elevator maintenance taken care of, now we turn our attention to another equally important part of experiencing luxury living – the views from the Tower itself.

Views from the Tower

The views from the Millennium Tower Boston are extraordinary, offering breathtaking panoramas of the bustling city and its iconic landmarks. One of the few residential towers to offer floor-to-ceiling windows, residents can enjoy front-row seats to spectacular sunsets over the Charles River. From the 60th floor Sky Club Lounge, 360 degree views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines can be seen, uniquely allowing city dwellers to appreciate their home in all its glory. However, not every opinion has been positive when it comes to Millennium Tower’s views. Despite reaching up 600 feet into the sky, some critics have argued that these clear lines of sight don’t match up with their advertised “glimpse at the ocean” due to its inland location.

Nevertheless, starting from the Tower and expanding beyond land’s end reveal a unique opportunity for residents to take in views of the South Boston waterfront and harbor.

Views of the South Boston Waterfront and Harbor

The Millennium Tower Boston offers an incredible view of the South Boston waterfront. From this vantage point, the harbor glistens in all its picturesque glory. On a clear day, many of the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Old Bank of Boston and Long Wharf, can be seen from the residence’s tower side balconies. These panoramic views come at no additional charge and are easily accessible to all tenants in the luxury living complex.

On the other hand, some have argued that despite being located in South Boston, it is only possible to see a fraction of The Charles River and its coastline from around the tower. This may bother those with further distant hopes or expectations due to its specific location on Atlantic Avenue.

However, tenants who prioritize having unparalleled access to all that South Boston has to offer should not feel let down by their view. The benefit of leisurely activities like strolling around the harbor is certainly tangible and within convenient walking distance from the complex itself.

Overall, the spectacular views from Millennium Tower Boston add another layer of luxury living to tenants’ lives – no matter how far their eyes may wander. From here renters can truly appreciate what South Boston has become: a lively gentrifying community along one of New England’s most beautiful harbors. Now let us explore the various extra amenities that surround Millennium Tower Boston.

Extra Amenities Around the Tower

Millennium Tower Boston is a luxurious high-rise building that boasts amazing views and countless amenities, but the comfort of its inhabitants doesn’t stop at the door. Extra amenities that exist around the high-rise enhance the already impeccable living experience. The West End neighborhood offers a plethora of extra amenities such as endless dining and shopping options, fitness centers, and basketball courts.

One amenity in particular is Greenway which stands only steps away. This public park is in the heart of downtown Boston and provides an escape from a bustling city. To ensure green space for all citizens, it offers restaurant/bar patios, open spaces to enjoy outdoor activities, and walkways to outdoor art installations. This park has become an ideal spot for a lunch break or evening stroll and attracts both newcomers and long-time residents alike.

On the other hand, many argue that close proximity to Greenway can cause negative externalities such as noise and overcrowding in this area. These externalities could disrupt residents’ peace and quiet, introduce unwelcome competition for housing in the area, or decrease Greenway’s ability to serve as an oasis away from traffic and crowds.

The easy access to Greenway proves just how much extra amenities benefit  inhabitants – they don’t need to go far to get away from bustling city life yet still benefit from all the entertainment, shopping, and culture of downtown Boston. With so much nearby there is something for everyone from movie theaters to upscale boutiques within walking distance.

The next section will explain in detail what restaurants, shops, libraries, fitness centers and basketball courts are located near Millennium Tower Boston for its inhabitants’ convenience!

Restaurants, Shops, Libraries, Fitness Centers and Basketball Courts

Millennium Tower Boston is a luxury living experience that offers a wide variety of amenities and conveniences within close proximity. Residents have the advantage of being able to explore the full complement of nearby restaurants, shops, libraries, fitness centers, and basketball courts.

For foodies, Millennium Tower is in the heart of downtown Boston and surrounded by an array of delectable restaurants. From high-end eateries in the restaurant row on Federal Street to hip new bistros near South Station and Chinatown’s succulent cuisines, residents can enjoy a plethora of diverse cuisine without having to leave the neighborhood.

Shopping enthusiasts are also in luck—there are plenty of stores located close to Millennium Tower. Downtown Crossing offers a select mix of niche boutiques, retailers and department stores while Faneuil Hall Marketplace is home to more than 100 exciting stores including Grub Hub favorites like Qdoba, Subway, Panda Express and so much more! Additionally, as a resident you also have easy access to public transportation, allowing you to quickly traverse around town when needed.

For those interested in expanding their knowledge base or just getting lost in captivating literature, there are numerous libraries located minutes away from Millennium Tower. The Boston Public Library in Copley Square is considered one of the nation’s oldest libraries, offering an impressive collection of books for both children and adults. You can also find several smaller library branches like the Chinatown Branch Library or the North End Branch Library within a 10-minute radius of your luxurious abode.

In addition to providing access to nearby culinary delights and literary gems, Millennium Tower is conveniently located near top-of-the-line amenities such as world-class fitness centers and basketball courts. Health clubs like Equinox or Exhale can be found nearby; all offering state-of-the-art cardio equipment and classes perfect for working out with friends or family members. Furthermore, no matter what your athletic skill level may be, you can always get a great workout at any local basketball court such as Liberty Plaza Park, Christopher Columbus Park or Charles River Esplanade (though teeming with weekend runners at peak times).

Summing it up: with its prime central location and few steps away distance from chic restaurants, various stores, an array of libraries, fitness centers and basketball courts galore – Millennium Tower Boston truly offers a spectacular luxury living experience that won’t break the bank.

Common Questions

Does the Millennium Tower Boston provide parking discounts to residents?

Yes, the Millennium Tower Boston provides parking discounts to its residents. Residents are eligible for up to a 10% discount on parked vehicle fees when they use the garage at Millennium Tower Boston. This is a great perk for residents, as it helps them save money on parking fees that would otherwise increase their cost of living. Additionally, the discounts may also help to increase the value of their residences if they’re looking to sell in the future.

Are pets allowed in the Millennium Tower Boston?

At the Millennium Tower Boston, pets are allowed but with certain restrictions. Residents must adhere to certain guidelines and regulations concerning pet ownership. These include obtaining prior approval from management, adhering to noise and health ordinances, registering pets with the building’s concierge or front desk, and providing proof of up-to-date vaccinations. In addition, a non-refundable pet deposit is required in order to ensure that any damages caused by the pet are remedied accordingly.

What new features have been added to the Millennium Tower Boston since opening?

Since opening in 2016, the Millennium Tower Boston has added several new features and amenities that have greatly improved the experience for residents. One of the most notable is the addition of an on-site concierge service, which offers personalized assistance with everyday needs. The concierge team can provide recommendations for local attractions and restaurants, book tickets to events, make travel arrangements, and more. The tower has also included a renovated lobby featuring modern décor, custom art pieces, and a lounge area.

In addition to these upgrades, the tower now offers 24-hour security personnel and has employed state-of-the-art smart home technologies throughout each residence. This technology allows residents to access their homes remotely via a smartphone or tablet and control things like lighting, climate control, security systems, and entertainment systems. Finally, the Millennium Tower Boston recently opened a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with top-of-the-line equipment for use by both residents and guests.

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