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About John Ford

Originally from New York, John moved to Boston after college. His Boston condo knowledge, coupled with commercial real estate background with Spaulding & Slye, has provided him with valuable skills that he uses daily in real estate negotiations, educating homebuyers and sellers.

John has been working in the Boston real estate industry for over 25 years and his clients often describe him as a detail-oriented, proactive, and fun to be around.

After living for many years in several downtown Boston neighborhoods including Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Midtown, Charles River Park and Charlestown, John currently resides in Lexington MA. John enjoys reading and traveling. 

John is the owner of the Boston condos for sale website,  he is a real estate professional with almost 20 years of experience in the Boston real estate market.. He has been the sole owner of Ford Realty at 137 Charles Street since 2000, and has become a fixture on Beacon Hill. 

John specializes in residential real estate, but has completed many complicated commercial deals as well. He has expanded his office over the years and continues to add real estate agents to his brokerage. Additionally, he currently posts on several real estate blogs including for websites such as;, and John enjoys sharing his awareness and perspective on many facets of the business.

John Ford’s Past Experience

Prior to opening his own office, Ford was a Vice President of a residential real estate firm at  Midtown Real Estate from 1996 -1999. Prior to that, he was on the property management team of Spaulding and Slye, a commercial real estate firm. Mr. Ford also gained vast knowledge and experience while he was working for Building Technology Engineers on development and building renovations during his five years coordinating projects, John Ford’s first job in Boston was for Lehman Brothers stock brokerage firm before deciding to get fully involved in all aspects of real estate.

  • Ford Realty is an independent family-owned company that prides itself in customer service.
  • Ford Realty has been quoted in several top media outlets such as CNN, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Fortune, and News Week magazine.
  • Ford Realty has been one of the largest sellers of Boston Beacon Hill buildings with over $20 million in sales last year.

About Janet Lamb

Janet Lamb is the top sales agent in the office. She was promoted to Vice President in 2015 and recognized in the industry as one of the top sales and rental agents in Beacon Hill.

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John Ford: The Best Independent Boston Real Estate Broker

In the moonlit tapestry of Boston’s real estate landscape, there stands one colossus- John Ford. Like a lighthouse, guiding lost ships in the storm, he illuminates the path for clients navigating the choppy waters of home buying and selling. They say in baseball, a good hitter only needs to connect three out of ten times to be considered excellent; similarly, it’s typical for real estate brokers to have their fair share of misses but not for John Ford. His record is spangled with consistent hits, putting him leagues above any other independent broker in Boston. So, how does this titan stand undefeated in the pulsating heartland of New England real estate? Stick around, and prepare to get a masterclass from Boston’s best.

John Ford is a highly experienced and reputable independent real estate broker in the Boston area. He has almost 30 years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate, having worked as a residential agent, on the property management team for Spaulding and Slye, and coordinating projects for Building Technology Engineers. His company, Ford Realty, prides itself on exceptional customer service and has been recognized by industry publications such as CNN, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Fortune, and News Week magazine. If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in the Boston area, John Ford and his team at Ford Realty are an excellent resource.

John Ford: The Best Independent Boston Real Estate Broker

John Ford is a renowned independent real estate broker in Boston, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has been known to provide exceptional customer service, and his extensive knowledge in residential and commercial real estate has earned him positive reviews from clients and colleagues alike.

One of the most remarkable things about John Ford is his attention to detail. He is widely considered one of the most meticulous brokers in the business, taking great care to ensure that every client’s needs are met. This is particularly important when dealing with high-value properties since even the smallest mistake could lead to significant financial loss.

John Ford has owned and operated Ford Realty since 2000, and his track record speaks for itself. Last year alone, his company recorded over $20 million in sales, making it one of the largest sellers of Boston Beacon Hill buildings.

Some people may argue that working with a larger brokerage firm would be more advantageous but given John’s experience and reputation, this could not be further from the truth.

Working with an independent broker like John is akin to working with a personal trainer rather than joining a big-box gym where you may not receive personalized attention. With an independent broker, you’ll get specialized service tailored to your unique needs- something that can’t always be guaranteed at larger firms.

All these factors make John Ford stand out as an exceptional real estate professional. But how did he get started?

Brief Career Overview of John Ford

John Ford began his career as a residential real estate agent before moving on to work at Spaulding & Slye – a Boston-based commercial real estate firm. This gave him experience working on complicated deals and taught him valuable skills in negotiating and educating homebuyers and sellers.

After several years at Spaulding & Slye, John gained employment with Building Technology Engineers, where he coordinated projects for clients in the real estate sector.

During his tenure in the commercial real estate industry, John learned how to navigate sensitive negotiations and property management challenges. This high-pressure environment taught him valuable skills that have helped him be successful in his current role.

These experiences provided John with a unique perspective on the real estate industry that many other independent brokers lack. He has an understanding of both the residential and commercial sectors, making him an excellent resource for clients looking to buy or sell properties in either area.

Some people may argue that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to finding the right broker. However, John Ford has proven time and again that he is capable of handling even the most complex deals.

Hiring a professional real estate broker without commercial experience is like hiring a dentist to perform heart surgery – they may be knowledgeable but lack direct experience in your specific area of need.

Achievements and Recognition of Ford Realty

John Ford’s success in the real estate industry cannot be overlooked, and his firm, Ford Realty, has built a reputation for being one of the best in Boston. Over the years, Ford Realty has achieved a lot of recognition, including high-end sales, accolades from top media outlets, and satisfied clients.

In 2022 alone, Ford Realty sold more than $20 million in Beacon Hill buildings, which shows that Ford’s company is thriving and expanding in a competitive market. This achievement speaks volumes for John Ford’s leadership skills and his team’s ability to deliver exceptional results.

Besides this achievement on the sales front, John Ford has gotten significant recognition throughout his career. His work has been highly praised by many reputable organizations. For example, Ford Realty was featured in Newsweek magazine as one of Boston’s most trusted real estate service providers. The Boston Globe named the firm the best small brokerage firm in Boston in their Best of Boston 2019 issue. Furthermore, Janet Lamb was promoted to Vice President in 2015 for her outstanding contribution to the success of the firm.

One may think that these honors wouldn’t matter much compared to other benchmarks like sales figures or customer satisfaction rates. Still, these accolades prove that John Ford knows how to run a successful business while keeping his customers happy and satisfied. It also shows that he cares about recognition; a trait that can fuel growth and motivate employees.

Now that we have discussed John Ford’s achievements let’s talk about another critical aspect related to his success: Significant Sales and Media Mentions.

  • Over his almost 30-year career, John Ford has been involved in hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions in Boston.
  • Last year alone, Ford Realty made over $20 million in sales, making it one of the largest sellers of Boston Beacon Hill buildings.
  • Since being promoted to Vice President in 2015, top sales agent Janet Lamb has contributed significantly under John Ford’s leadership, positioning Ford Realty among the leading real estate companies in Beacon Hill.

Significant Sales and Media Mentions

The success of John Ford’s company speaks not only for itself but also through his numerous media mentions over the years. With an extensive background in residential and commercial real estate services, Ford Realty has closed a deal on some of Boston’s most sought-after and desirable properties.

In 2018, Ford represented the owner of 21 Commonwealth Avenue in the sale of the iconic $12 million brownstone townhouse overlooking the Boston Public Garden. A detailed restoration and preservation by award-winning architect Jan Gleysteen resulted in a masterful blend between modern amenities and historic elements. This sale is just an example of how John Ford’s expertise serves to keep clients satisfied while achieving successful outcomes.

Ford Realty has also received widespread media coverage with features in top publications like Fortune, CNN, and The Boston Herald. These media mentions showcase John Ford’s broad scope of knowledge for everything real estate-related, from property management, buyer and seller representation to marketing.

John Ford is to real estate what Steve Jobs was to Apple. He bridges simplicity with sophistication, just as Jobs did with technology. Ford’s insights into residential and commercial real estate sales are deep-rooted yet easy to comprehend for anyone. His timely advice, coupled with his exceptional customer service skills, helps him provide more value than just selling properties.

The spotlight on John Ford’s story may be on achievements and recognition thus far. Still, there are much more angles to it, including his team of experts whose expertise strengthens Ford Realty’s reputation as one of Boston’s best real estate firms. Let’s dive deeper into this aspect in our next section “John Ford’s Team and Expertise.”

  • John Ford’s success in the real estate industry is evident through his company, Ford Realty’s numerous media mentions and expertise in both residential and commercial real estate services. His ability to close deals on Boston’s most sought-after properties and provide exceptional customer service has satisfied clients and achieved successful outcomes. With featured coverage in prestigious publications such as Fortune, CNN, and The Boston Herald, Ford Realty’s reputation as one of Boston’s best real estate firms is reinforced. John Ford’s team of experts also plays a significant role in the company’s success, which we will explore further in the next section.

John Ford’s Team and Expertise

The success of John Ford and Ford Realty can be largely attributed to their expert team of brokers. With decades of cumulative experience in the Boston real estate industry, John Ford has handpicked each member of his team based on their outstanding knowledge and skillset.

One key aspect that sets the team at Ford Realty apart from others is their comprehensive familiarity with both residential and commercial real estate. While John Ford primarily focuses on residential properties, he also has substantial experience in completing complicated commercial deals. This crossover provides a unique perspective for clients looking to purchase a mixed-use property or other complex investment opportunities.

Another crucial element of the team’s expertise lies in their negotiation skills. John Ford has honed his skills negotiating high-profile deals during his time at Spaulding & Slye, a commercial real estate firm. His ability to navigate complex negotiations helps his clients get the best possible deal while ensuring that all parties involved leave the table satisfied.

Analogously, navigating the real estate market can often feel like a game of chess. Each move must be carefully considered, and an experienced strategist will always have an advantage over someone unfamiliar with the rules of the game. The members of John Ford’s team are experts in this field, continually assessing their next move while keeping long-term goals in mind.

Janet Lamb, Vice President at Ford Realty, is recognized as one of the top sales and rental agents in Beacon Hill – a testament to her dedication to achieving success for her clients. Her exceptional work ethic combined with her deep understanding of both residential and commercial real estate make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Joe Cushing, another broker at Ford Realty, has been working in the Boston real estate industry for decades. Having lived and worked in various neighborhoods throughout Boston during his career, Joe has developed intimate knowledge about different communities’ housing markets. This makes him a valuable resource for clients looking to buy or rent in a specific area.

Some real estate brokers may believe that their years of experience are enough to establish trust with their clients. However, John Ford and his team recognize that it’s not just about selling properties, but also about building long-term relationships. They take the time to get to know their clients personally, identifying their unique needs and concerns. This way, they can provide tailored advice and guidance at every step of the process.

With such a skilled team of brokers, it’s no surprise that Ford Realty has become one of the most successful real estate firms in Boston. But what sets them apart from others isn’t just their collective experience – it’s also the individual accomplishments and expertise of each member.

Key Personnel and Their Accomplishments

One key member of John Ford’s team is Janet Lamb, whose accomplishments have already been mentioned. Upon joining Ford Realty in 2008, Janet quickly proved her worth as an exceptional sales agent – going on to be promoted to Vice President in 2015. She has an innate ability to understand her client’s needs, whether buying or renting property, making her an invaluable asset for anyone looking to navigate the Boston real estate market.

Another vital member of John Ford’s team is Joe Cushing, who brings his decades-long experience in real estate negotiations and leasing to every deal he works on. Joe has successfully negotiated countless deals for both commercial and residential properties throughout Boston, providing unparalleled expertise and insight into the city’s ever-changing housing market.

In addition to these key individuals, every broker at Ford Realty comes equipped with unrivaled knowledge about the various neighborhoods throughout Boston. They possess expertise in locating off-market properties for exclusive buyer representation or preparing houses for sale prior to listing them through rigorous advertising campaigns on several media outlets such as,, and

While John Ford’s team of brokers all share the same commitment to providing exceptional service to their clients, they each bring unique skills and talents to the table. This diversity of expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive support throughout every step of the buying or selling process.

To sum it up, the key members of John Ford’s team are experts in negotiating deals and have extensive knowledge of Boston’s real estate market. They take a personalized approach to every client, providing tailored advice and guidance at every step. Their individual skillsets combined with their collective experience make them one of the most successful real estate firms in Boston today.

Recently, Janet Lamb was able to successfully sell a historic property on Beacon Hill for $6.25 million – with an offer over asking price. She credits this success in part to her ability to prepare the house for sale, which involved everything from staging the home for showings to ensuring that all necessary repairs were made before listing.

Joe Cushing’s talent lies in identifying off-market properties, allowing his clients access to exclusive property listings that haven’t yet hit the market. He has also been recognized by several publications as one of Boston’s top leasing agents, solidifying his reputation as one of the best in the business.

Some real estate brokers may be tempted to constantly push for higher prices or commissions without truly considering their clients’ needs. However, John Ford and his team make it a priority always to put their clients’ needs first – even if that means advising against a deal they’re interested in making. This honest approach strengthens the trust between broker and client – essential for long-term relationship building.

As shown through their experience and accomplishments, John Ford’s team is highly skilled at navigating Boston’s real estate market. Their diverse range of expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive support, unparalleled guidance, and tailored advice at every step of the buying or selling process.

The Uniqueness of John Ford’s Service

When it comes to the Boston real estate market, there are a plethora of realtors willing to guide you through your buying or selling journey. However, none can compare to John Ford and his independent family-owned company – Ford Realty. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, combined with experience and expertise that cannot be found elsewhere in the industry.

Ford offers plenty of unique services that have helped him stand out from the competition for over 25 years. For example, he is always proactive and detail-oriented when it comes to his clients’ needs. He listens carefully to their concerns and helps them make informed decisions every step of the way. This level of personalized attention has ensured satisfied clients and repeat business.

Another hallmark of Ford’s service is his transparency in providing information – crucial information such as market analysis, mortgage rates, and other economic factors that determine the value of each property – so that buyers and sellers can make better-informed decisions.

Furthermore, John puts considerable effort into educating his clients at every stage in their real estate journey. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your home, he ensures that you understand your options by breaking down complex transactions into simpler components so that you are well equipped throughout the process.

Ultimately, John’s unique strategies for elite customer service are simply unparalleled. He says himself: “I like people and I like helping people”. His dedication to giving his customers more than they expect from a real estate service is why he stands out amongst others in this particular industry.

Ford Realty has persuaded an impressive number of clients who consistently give them a high rating for their services. With over 20 million dollars in sales last year alone, this unique brokerage showed its strength across Boston Beacon Hill districts by closing many significant deals for sellers and buyers alike.

Additionally, many former clients have testified not only to the highly professional service they received but also to Ford Realty’s commitment to ensuring their complete satisfaction. This is reaffirmed by the consistent media mentions and impressive accolades that John has garnered over the years.

Moreover, these accomplishments speak volumes about the many successful deals Ford has closed while at the same time maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

In a sense, Ford’s business approach can be likened to a win-win situation for everyone involved in the real estate transaction. Similar to how an experienced coach would guide his team to victory, John coaches and educates his clients with information to ensure that they make informed decisions at every stage of the transaction. Even more, he coordinates with his clients on post-transaction procedures such as homeowners’ insurance, utilities, and home renovations. By doing so, he ensures long-lasting relationships with every client.

With such a track record of excellence in customer service provision, it’s not surprising that John Ford maintains an authoritative presence within Boston’s real estate industry scene. As discussed in this next section, this success is due in part to his ability to keep customers coming back for more.

Customer Satisfaction, and Authoritative Presence in the Industry

Ford Realty’s reputation in Boston precedes itself; indeed it is known as one of the most reputable and reliable independent family-owned brokerages within the area. With several significant sales and media mentions under its belt, Ford Realty is now considered somewhat of an authority figure within the Boston real estate market.

Some may say this success is attributed solely to advertisements or marketing campaigns. However, those that have chosen John Ford Realty know otherwise. The secret behind his brokerage’s broader reputation is due partly to continuous engagement with past and current clients at all stages of their real estate journey.

John goes further than just delivering transactions – he develops relationships with his clients, which last far beyond closing dates. Caring for his clients helps to foster long-lasting relationships based on trust and transparency, with the ultimate goal of having his name spread through word of mouth.

Ford Realty’s solid reputation in Boston speaks volumes about its customer service provision. The primary purpose at Ford Realty isn’t simply closing deals but creating trust-based relationships with customers. After all, John Ford believes that a satisfied or repeat customer is worth far more than any advertisement out there.

One of John’s former clients remarked about his experience selling his Beacon Hill brownstone with Ford Realty: “The level of attention from start to finish was terrific. John spent countless hours walking me through the various steps required in a selling transaction and how best to prepare my home. He provided realistic market comparisons so that we could price it right, and as a result, I received an offer within ten days of listing.”

This is just one example of many satisfied customers who have nothing but great things to say about their dealings with Ford Realty.

Their many accomplishments speak volumes about the successful deals they’ve closed while still keeping tight relationships with their clients—this only boosts John Ford’s reliability as the authority figure within the real estate industry.

Being quoted by established and reputable media outlets like CNN, Fortune magazine, News Week, Boston Globe, and Boston Herald goes a long way in establishing the authority of the owner and brokerage business altogether.

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