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Mandarin Oriental – 800 Boylston Street, in the Back Bay

Mandarin Oriental – 800 Boylston Street, in the Back Bay

Mandarin Oriental – 800 Boylston Street, in the Back Bay

Are you looking for an exclusive and luxurious highlight of urban living? Look no further than the coveted living space of Mandarin Oriental Boston’s condos. Located in the heart of the city, the chic residences offer stunning views, unparalleled access to the city, and amenities indulgent enough to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. From the rooftop garden to the in-unit chef’s kitchens, Mandarin Oriental is the home away from home that blends high-end luxury and 21st-century living. Let’s explore the unique offerings of Mandarin Oriental Boston, and why it’s rapidly gaining popularity with city-dwellers.

Quick Recap

You can find information about Mandarin Oriental Boston luxury condos on their official website or from local real estate agents. You may also want to read reviews from previous clients to get an idea of the quality and service provided by this residence.

Location and Unique Features of the Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental in Boston is located in a highly desirable part of the city. It is within walking distance to many shops, boutiques, fine dining restaurants, bars, and theaters. Residents have access to the private Boston Harbor waterfront with its cobblestone streets, boutique stores, and seafood restaurants. The luxury condominiums also provide stunning views of the Financial District, Beacon Hill, Back Bay and several other well-known landmarks. All of these features come together to make this an enticing location for those interested in a high end city living experience.

When it comes to unique features, the Mandarin Oriental in Boston provides a number of amenities that can’t be found elsewhere. The residents enjoy a 24 hour Concierge service offering valet parking, room service and help with anything else that may arise during their stay. There are two on-site restaurants as well as an award-winning spa. Residents can also enjoy several unique events and activities each year.

The location of the Mandarin Oriental Boston offers convenience combined with luxury living experiences to appeal to people looking for a luxurious lifestyle in one of America’s most iconic cities. With its convenient access to a number of attractions and exclusive services for residents, the Mandarin Oriental stands out from other residences available in Boston.

Stepping outside onto the terrace offers an unparalleled view of the majestic skyline that makes this such an attractive destination for connoisseurs wanting to experience fine living at its best. Next we will delve into more detail about the City and Waterfront Views from these magnificent condos.

City and Waterfront Views

The city of Boston is home to iconic landmarks and a vibrant culture that extends beyond the streets and into its harbor. Mandarin Oriental Boston’s condo residences offer incredible views of both the city and waterfront. Residents of the condos can observe the bustling activity of the neighborhood below, or take in the tranquil harbor view with nothing but boats bobbing on the gentle waves. From any angle, this is one of the most picturesque places to call home in Boston.

It’s important to note that not every condo offers these unparalleled views of the city and waterfront. Depending on location, some of these condos may be exposed to construction noise from neighboring buildings or noise from traffic nearby, making it an unpopular option for those looking for peace and quiet away from urban areas. Nonetheless, many find that these isolated dwellings offer more than enough recompense with their stunning views.

Those seeking a peaceful locale that doesn’t come with a sacrifice of amenities should look no further than Mandarin Oriental Boston’s condos. The breathtaking vistas of Boston may be off-set by certain drawbacks, yet there are also many advantages for inhabitants who can overlook them—for now, let’s explore the ample amenities available at Mandarin Oriental Boston’ s condos that make city life a joy.

Amenities of the Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Boston offers an impressive array of amenities for their luxury condos. Residents have access to 24-hour concierge and doorman services, along with a host of extraordinary on-site amenities. These include a clubroom with fireplace and bar, 21/F sky pavilion with landscaped gardens, private dining area and screening room, health spa and fitness studio, 75’ swimming pool with outdoor terrace and al fresco kitchen and grill area. In addition, the nearby Athletic Club provides residents with additional services such as squash courts, golf simulators, and a roaring fire in its lodge.

These amenities all come together to create a truly enviable living experience; one that allows residents to enjoy exclusive access to their own physical space without compromising on quality or convenience. At the same time, it can be argued that they may be too extravagant and not necessary for a residence such as this – some may view them as unnecessary luxury rather than a practical addition to life at Mandarin Oriental Boston.

No matter your opinion on these amenities, it is undeniable that they are an integral part of the Mandarin Oriental experience. Next we will explore how this experience is extended even further through the contemporary fusion of residential and hotel services.

Contemporary Fusion of Residential and Hotel Services

Mandarin Oriental Boston’s Condos serve as a contemporary fusion between residential living and hotel services. With an assortment of luxury residences, residents of Mandarin Oriental Boston’s condos can take advantage of the multiple amenities available within the area. From a private exercise room to on-site day spa and salon services, there are plenty of meaningful resources at their fingertips – giving residents the advantages of living in a community but with access to vibrant, top-tier experiences.

The addition of this unique hybrid lifestyle makes Mandarin Oriental a great blend of comfort and convenience and allows residents to get creative with their lives. They have access not only to a prestigious residential address but also to an atmosphere boasting all the same elite amenities that guests would find if staying at a luxurious hotel. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy tailored lifestyle experiences, such as extra housekeeping services for when time is short or an exclusive access to preferred table reservations at some of the most fashionable restaurants around town.

At Mandarin Oriental Boston, having these hotel-level services under your nose gives you even more reason to feel like you are in your very own safe haven. Upgraded features include daily shopping trips along Newbury Street from a personal concierge and customized, chef-made meals delivered right to your residential door – all without sacrificing that beloved homey feeling in exchange for first-class privileges.

This contemporary fusion between residential living and hotel services make Mandarin Oriental Boston’s condos popular among city dwellers who want more than just four walls; they want an integrated lifestyle experience made just for them. This section has discussed how those looking for luxury living can benefit from unique offerings which combine the best parts of both worlds: private household comforts and access to upscale amenities. Following this section, we will discuss how designer luxuries add value to modern residences at Mandarin Oriental Boston’s Condos.

Designer Luxuries

Designer Luxuries set apart Mandarin Oriental Boston’s Condos from average high-end accommodations. Homeowners and residents are privy to all the bespoke amenities, features and finishes that are expected from luxury living. The floor-to-ceiling windows, natural stone tiles, rich hardwood floors, and exquisite modern furnishings bring opulence directly into every individual residence.

The handpicked designer materials used in construction, carpentry, fixtures and furniture will no doubt increase the value of these properties even more over time. Some may argue that this type of luxury living carries with it a degree of pretentiousness or ostentatious lifestyle that is unnecessary for most people. However, one can counter that the only way to truly feel pampered and relaxed is to bathe in the unsurpassed extravagance that these residences offer.

No expense was spared in providing residents of Mandarin Oriental Boston’s Condos access to designer luxuries such as custom built-ins and kitchen appliances, sleek luxury wet bars, home systems automation and more. Each residence also includes at least one parking space along with a storage unit.

High end shopping, restaurants and spa are just around the corner for Mandarin Oriental Boston’s Condos owners, providing further conveniences and adding to their plush residential experience.

  • The Mandarin Oriental Boston offers residents access to world-class fitness facilities, a heated indoor pool, and 24-hour concierge services.
  • Residents of the luxury condominium community also enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views, state-of-the-art kitchens, and private balconies.
  • Located on Boylston Street, the Mandarin Oriental Boston is within walking distance to some of the city’s top attractions, including Fenway Park and the Newbury Street shopping district.

High-End Shopping, Restaurants and Spa

For those that like to shop, eat and be pampered in luxury, the Mandarin Oriental Boston offers some of the best shopping and food experiences within steps of its residences. With the hotel’s direct access to Boylston Street, visitors can enjoy high-end shopping at upscale designer stores such as Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Anthropologie and more. There is something special for everyone when it comes to retail therapy.

Additionally, the area has a wide selection of restaurants ranging from quick takeouts such as Pinkberry and Peet’s Coffee & Tea to world-class dining experiences at places like Zuma and Bar Boulud. No matter what type of cuisine your palate craves, you are sure to find it here.

If guests are looking for an opportunity to relax and receive full spa services, ESPA at The Mandarin Oriental has just the thing. From facials to massages, private treatments or even individual sessions; their staff provides personalized care in an exquisite atmosphere. Furthermore, it is easy for visitors to book or purchase gift certificates online for that special someone in their life who appreciates quality service.

For all those reasons and more, Mandarin Oriental Boston offers nothing but true luxury living that caters to shoppers, connoisseurs and those seeking relaxation from around the world. Moving on from this aspect of luxurious lifestyle, let us now discuss how pleasure takes shape in terms of “Luxury Living at the Mandarin Oriental”.

Most Important Points

Mandarin Oriental Boston is known for its luxury shopping and dining experiences. The hotel is located close to a wide range of restaurants, from quick takeouts to fine dining venues. The ESPA at the Mandarin Oriental also provides guests with high-end spa services, as well as online booking and purchasing options for gifts. All these reasons make Mandarin Oriental Boston an ideal destination for luxury living, catering to shoppers, connoisseurs, and those seeking relaxation.

Luxury Living at the Mandarin Oriental

Living at the Mandarin Oriental Boston is like living a life of luxury. From the sophisticated decor to the exclusive amenities, Mandarin Oriental Boston offers a unique and indulgent experience that even the most discerning buyer can appreciate.

Residents of this elite lifestyle have access to world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment options within the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Back Bay. With renowned restaurants and bars located steps away from home, residents can explore local attractions with ease. The residence also has retail shops and cafes on the premises providing all of their shopping needs in one place.

Located on the 25th floor, the residences of Mandarin Oriental offer stunning views of downtown Boston that are sure to impress any visitor or loved ones who come for a visit. With 24-hour concierge service, you will always have someone available to help. From theatre reservations to travel arrangements, you can always rely on their attentive staff for assistance.

The properties pamper its residents as well as their guests with five-star guest services such as daily housekeeping, transportation services, valet parking, complimentary breakfast each morning, and spa services throughout the day. Furthermore, they offer exclusive access to some of the best technology features in town such as automated valet services controlled via a smartphone or tablet app. These thoughtful touches help heighten each resident’s experience and make their stay more memorable.

While some may argue that luxury living comes with an expensive price tag making it cost prohibitive for many buyers, the cost may be necessary when viewed in terms of the lifestyle enhancements these properties offer over traditional housing residences. There’s no doubt that luxury living comes with a commitment to excellence in both construction and customer service that are sure to exceed expectations in comparison.

Now that we’ve discussed the luxurious living at Mandarin Oriental Boston let’s move on to discussing how they cater to every type of resident through personal suites and apartments.

Personal Suites and Apartments

Personal suites and apartments in Mandarin Oriental Boston come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making living within this luxury residence an experience that is tailored to the individual. Prices for these residences range from one bedroom condominiums starting at $1.925 million to three bedroom condos completely outfitted with custom furnishings that can cost upwards of $12.3 million. All units come with private balconies, modern kitchen appliances, and have superior sound-proofing so residents can rest assured of their privacy.

Part of the appeal of the apartments comes from the style they have been built in– a blend of old world charm with contemporary interior designs that provide sophistication and comfort. Additionally, select condos are outfitted with home automation packages allowing residents to control lighting, security, motorized shades and music with a swipe on their devices. Residents also get direct access to the property’s signature amenities like hotel concierge services, personalized housekeeping, spa access, and poolside cabana service.

While some may think that such luxury is overly indulgent or not necessary for day-to-day living, these personal condos at Mandarin Oriental Boston offer far more than just luxurious living quarters. With its attention to detail and commitment to providing service that goes beyond expectation, it can truly enhance the quality of life for anyone seeking a different level of comfort.

Ultimately, the choice between the suite and apartment options is up to each individual’s needs and budget; however no matter which option chosen residents can expect nothing less than an uncompromising level of luxury like no other.

As this section has explored all that Mandarin Oriental Boston’s condos have to offer it brings us now to the conclusion where we will discuss why choosing to stay here can be an unforgettable experience.


Overall, the luxury residential condos available at Mandarin Oriental Boston offer an extraordinary living experience for anyone looking for something truly special. The residences provide a beautiful and well-appointed home, with stunning views of the cityscape, as well as excellent amenities such as 24-hour concierge service and a full-service spa. In addition, residents have access to state-of-the-art fitness centers and luxurious common areas with shared spaces perfect for entertaining.

As appealing as this living experience is, it comes with one important factor to consider: price. Prices for these condos can be quite high, and not everyone may be able to afford them. However, those who are able to purchase one of these exceptional properties will no doubt get the utmost in luxury living experiences and quality service.

Overall, Mandarin Oriental Boston provides a unique and highly sought after living environment that perfectly combines premier luxury with excellent services. The residences make it possible to live in comfort and sophistication while still enjoying all that Boston has to offer, making it an ideal choice for any discerning buyer.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions with Detailed Explanations

How much does it cost to rent or purchase a luxury condo at Mandarin Oriental Boston?

The cost of renting or purchasing a luxury condo at Mandarin Oriental Boston varies, depending on the unit size, location, and other amenities. For example, a one-bedroom condo could start at $3,400 per month to rent or around $1.3M to purchase. A three-bedroom condo could start at $9,000 per month to rent or around $2.8M to purchase. All units come with world-class amenities such as housekeeping services, 24/7 concierge service, and access to the Mobar lobby lounge and spa services. The high price tag reflects the desirable downtown Boston location and the attention to detail provided in each residence.

What are the neighborhood and surrounding area like surrounding Mandarin Oriental Boston?

The neighborhood surrounding Mandarin Oriental Boston is truly one of the most desirable in the city. Located in the historic and picturesque Back Bay area, it offers short jaunts to many of Boston’s popular tourist attractions and upscale shopping outlets as well as easy access to public transportation. The diverse population of the area provides an eclectic array of dining options from gourmet eateries and quaint cafes to local favorites and flavorful ethnic restaurants.

Mandarin Oriental Boston also offers plenty of outdoor activities nearby, including running, walking and biking trails along Charles River, beautiful parks for picnics or yoga classes, and even world-class golf courses. This vibrant community is rich with culture from some of the most iconic historical sites to modern art galleries and music venues. With so much to do around town, there are never a shortage of exciting experiences to be had.

What amenities does Mandarin Oriental Boston offer for its luxury condo residents?

Mandarin Oriental Boston offers a wide range of amenities for its luxury condo residents. Primarily, the condos are situated in an upscale, high-end building featuring state-of-the-art security systems, top-notch concierge services and doormen. Furthermore, the building also boasts amenities such as private parking, fitness area with an indoor pool, spa services and steam rooms, 24-hour room service, bar and lounge areas, a stunning rooftop terrace with panoramic city views, a golf simulator and much more. As a result of the condominium’s prime location within the chic Prudential Center shopping district and Fenway Park area, luxury condo owners enjoy easy access to plenty of nearby shopping and entertainment options—from world-class retail outlets to fine restaurants. All in all, Mandarin Oriental Boston provides its residents with a true luxury living experience with ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment alike.

The new Mandarin Oriental Hotel & Residences is a $260M, 450,000 square foot, mixed-use complex located in Boston’s historic Back Bay.

The project’s two 14-story buildings will include a 5-star hotel, 50 ultra-luxury condominiums, thirty-five apartments, a spa, restaurants, and high-end retail shops.

Units are priced in the $2 million – $12 million range, and only one home is still available.

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