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The Parkside Boston Common Condos

The Parkside Boston Common Condos

Picture yourself in downtown Boston standing amongst sprawling parks, historic monuments, and vibrant city life – an idyllic setting for an array of activities and exploring. Living in The Parkside Boston Common Condos offers the utmost luxury in Boston living: the perfect combination of premier location and superior amenities. This building offers Bostonites the chance to experience a contemporary lifestyle, with plenty of benefits in the heart of the city. Continue reading to discover why you should consider The Parkside Boston Common Condos for your next home.

Quick Explanation of Key Points

The Parkside Boston Common Condos offer luxurious amenities such as a 24-hour concierge, fitness center, indoor pool, and movie theater. Residents also enjoy access to a private courtyard, community garden and outdoor patio with sweeping views of the city.

The Luxury of Parkside Boston Common

The Parkside Boston Common Condos offer ultra-luxury living in one of the most desirable and sought after neighborhoods in the city. From the moment individuals step through the grand entrance of this premium residence, they can expect to be impressed by the lavish finishes and amenities. The luxury of Parkside Boston Common is evident in every corner, from its designer-quality appliances to its gleaming marble flooring. Whether it’s a private balcony overlooking the lush green grounds or an expansive kitchen fit for entertaining, Parkside has something for everyone who desires a life of luxury and extravagance.

The luxurious lifestyle of Parkside Boston Common does come with a high price tag, but when one considers all that is included, it’s clear that value exceeds the cost. From 24/7 concierge services to well-appointed clubhouse rooms full of executive features, there is no denying that those who have made their home at Parkside are truly living a life of luxury and opulence.

Yet some may argue that while the condos at Parkside have plenty of luxurious features, they lack the warmth and personality often found in lesser priced accommodations. This may be true in some cases; however, there is no substitute for the staff’s commitment to providing exemplary customer service, which goes above and beyond what one might experience elsewhere. It is this attention to detail—combined with lavish amenities—that makes Parkside unique and truly exceptional.

There is no doubt that those who choose to make their home at The Parkside Boston Common Condos are opting for a life of excellence and outstanding comfort. With this said, it’s time to explore some of the high-end amenities that set these condos apart from others on the market. Let’s take a closer look at what makes living here so special in the next section.

High-End Amenities

Modern luxury living begins with exclusive amenities setting the tone for a refined lifestyle. The Parkside Boston Common Condos provide five-star service and high-end features with impeccable attention to detail. From fine finishes like marble countertops and natural hardwood flooring to in-home amenities such as stainless steel appliances and premium kitchens, the bar for luxury living has reached new heights. Residents of The Parkside also enjoy membership privileges at an expansive fitness center, a sparkling outdoor pool, a private clubhouse and lounge, and lush landscaped grounds.

The debate arises when considering whether or not these exclusive amenities are worth the higher price point that comes with them. On one hand, having access to all these features will create a more comfortable living space and provide added convenience. On the other hand, luxury living can be achieved at a fraction of the cost by taking advantage of similar amenities with nearby establishments or by carefully choosing which high-end features best suit your lifestyle and budget. Nevertheless, whatever option is chosen it’s certain that Parkside Boston Common Condos provide an unparalleled level of comfort with many luxurious amenities included in their packages.

With so much to appreciate indoors, it’s time to turn our attention outdoors to the prime location of The Parkside Boston Common Condos.

Must-Know Summary Points

The Parkside Boston Common Condos will provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle and top-quality amenities such as stainless steel appliances and hardwood flooring, as well as access to a fitness center, outdoor pool, clubhouse and lounge. Despite the higher price tag associated with such features, The Parkside offers comfort that can’t be found elsewhere. Furthermore, the residences are located in a prime area for outdoor activities.

Prime Location

The Parkside Boston Common Condos offer prime location as a key feature to any lifestyle and modern luxuries. Located in the heart of downtown, it is within walking distance to some of the area’s most renowned attractions and shopping areas. Residents are able to experience all the bustle of city life without sacrificing convenience or quietude. Public transport, restaurants, stores, parks, theatres and galleries are all just moments away. Given its strategic location, you can easily access anywhere downtown with ease at any time.

Some may argue that this type of positioning is actually just a convenience for people to explore the nightlife during weekends or holidays as that is what downtown has to offer. While there are certainly attractions that come with living downtown such as a variety of options for entertainment and dining out, these amenities only attract those with an active lifestyle who have time to take advantage of them.

However, others may agree that buying property in a thriving neighborhood brings more value than any on-site amenities offered by The Parkside Boston Common Condos. In addition to providing easy access and convenience to many amenities, living in or near downtown will always give homeowners advantages in terms of capital appreciation over time due to future gentrification and development projects in the area.

In regards to convenience and value, it is clear why The Parkside Boston Common Condos offer a desirable prime location for luxury living. With a wide range of convenient amenities nearby, residents are assured that their investment is well worth the cost. Next up we will look into the modern design and features available at The Parkside Boston Common condos—offering an elevated level of prestige and distinction from other downtown properties.

  • The Parkside Boston Common is a 244-unit condominium development located in the heart of downtown Boston.
  • The development features one-, two-, and three-bedroom luxury condominiums with floor plans ranging from 480 – 1,895 square feet.
  • The building amenities at The Parkside Boston Common include 24-hour concierge service, private fitness center, swimming pool, roof deck terrace with grilling station, and lounge area.

Modern Architecture and Features

The Parkside Boston Common Condos boasts modern design and architecture, indulging luxury-seekers with an upscale atmosphere. Its sleek, glass-heavy lobby and distinctly designed exterior provide a testament to its commitment to modernity. Furthermore, the condos boast some of the latest features including automated entry/exit using access cards; voice/video intercoms; intelligent climate controls; energy-efficient windows; automatic recycling system located in the parking deck and storage areas; as well as onsite storage for bulk items such as bicycles.

These modern conveniences allow for those who reside at The Parkside to experience comfort and convenience on a daily basis. Intelligent climate control gives residents greater ability to customize their environment, allowing for individuals to maximize their comfort levels while efficiently managing costs. The keyless entry provides additional security as well, allowing owners to grant access to their apartments from anywhere.

Overall, the combination of these modern features make The Parkside Boston Common Condos attractive for those desiring an up-to-date living experience that can both adapt to their preferences and maintain reliable security. Moreover, all these features need not sacrifice lifestyle comforts or efficiency, making them perfect for luxury seekers seeking both a comfortable living space without complex technology use.

This is why The Parkside Boston Common Condos is achieved through its modern architecture and features. It is this combination of creature comforts and technological advancements that sets it apart from other condominiums in the area. Next, let’s explore further into the multiple unit features found within the condo complex.

Unit Features

Unit Features at The Parkside Boston Common Condos offer both practical benefits and luxurious amenities. These units feature 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes with high-end finishes, open-concept living, chef-inspired kitchens, in-unit washers and dryers, oversized closets and bathrooms, as well as private balconies. For extra comfort and convenience, rooftop patios are also available along with resident concierge services.

In addition to the lengthy list of unit features designed for practical use and accessibility, luxury amenities are abundant. Those who choose to live in these condos can enjoy the onsite game room featuring a billiards table and screening room or take advantage of The Parkside’s heated saline pool. A fully equipped fitness center is available alongside a sauna spa and steam room – perfect for relaxation after long days of work or travel. With restaurants and cafes right outside their doorsteps as well as some of Boston’s best shopping venues within a short distance, The Parkside truly is the ultimate urban oasis.

Many prospective residents may be debating the question of whether such luxuries are necessary or simply an excess expenditure; ultimately it comes down to individual preference and lifestyle decisions. Whether one chooses to make The Parkside home or not, one thing remains certain: these are high quality residences that provide carefree living with convenience that cannot be rivaled.

Having explored the stellar unit features of The Parkside Boston Common Condos one cannot help but be curious about life in this vibrant neighborhood. In the next section we will delve into “The Culture of the Neighborhood” to uncover what it offers for potential residents looking for a balance between luxury and lifestyle.

The Culture of the Neighborhood

The Parkside Boston Common Condos offer an unparalleled level of luxury living in the heart of Boston, but it’s the surrounding area that truly makes this location special. Whether you’re looking for buzzing city life or quiet warmth, the culture of the neighborhood has something to offer everyone.

For those wanting a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, there are plenty of shops and restaurants as well as entertainment venues like theaters, concert halls and performing arts centers. And for those wanting a more laidback experience, there’s no better place than The Park itself with its green spaces and gardens for leisurely strolls and beautiful fountains for soothing the soul.

On the other hand, some have argued that this part of the city can be noisy due to the amount of nightlife and tourist attractions—especially during peak times. It’s true that you may get more hustle-and-bustle than you bargained for on certain occasions, but thankfully The Parkside Boston Common Condos’ amenities will provide sanctuary from these waves of energy whenever desired.

No matter what type of atmosphere you prefer—active or relaxed—the culture of the neighborhood provides enough diversity to make every day unique. Now let’s explore some of the local attractions nearby The Parkside Boston Common Condos in the next section.

Local Attractions

Parkside Boston Common Condos are situated in an ideal location right next to the beautiful Boston Common. The immediate area has a variety of attractions, ranging from cultural and historical sites to world-class entertainment, boutique shopping, and fine dining. Residents of Parkside can take advantage of their proximity to local attractions such as:

-The Freedom Trail: This historic walking trail takes visitors and residents through 16 major sites relevant to the American Revolution and colonial period.

-Boston Public Garden: Located just south of the Boston Common, this botanical garden offers serene landscapes of peaceful nature for residents to explore.

-Fenway Park: Famous for being home to the Red Sox and one of the oldest baseball stadiums in America, Fenway Park features year round events & activities with something for every fan.

-The Museum of Fine Arts: Founded in 1870, this world-class museum boasts an impressive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, international paintings and sculptures, and modern works from artists such as Monet and Degas.

In addition to these great attractions, Parkside Boston Common also provides easy access to some of the most unique boutiques, exciting nightlife spots, and high-end restaurants in the city. With so much available within walking distance, Parkside makes it easy for its residents to truly experience everything that Boston has to offer.

From exploring local attractions to enjoying premier shopping, dining, and transportation options nearby, living at Parkside Boston Common Condos is a convenient way for residents to indulge in all that downtown Boston has to offer. Coming up next we will discuss Shopping Dining & Transportation options available close by Parkside Boston Common Condos.

Shopping, Dining, and Transportation

When looking for luxury living, the practical concerns of shopping, dining, and transportation are vital aspects to consider. The Parkside Boston Common Condos is a great choice for anyone wanting to live in a prime location with convenient amenities within walking distance. Shopping options abound, from the exclusive boutiques of Newbury Street to the everyday stores of Downtown Crossing. For those who enjoy fine dining, there are many restaurants nearby serving up a range of cuisines, from American comfort food to authentic Indian dishes.

Transportation is also well-serviced throughout downtown Boston. Nearby urban hubs include South Station and Downtown Crossing T Stations that offer direct access to commuter rail and bus lines. This makes it easy for residents to travel to different parts of the city for work or leisure activities. Additionally, several car and bike-sharing services have recently opened up in the area, offering convenient options for sustainable transportation needs.

These local amenities provide not only convenience but also unique cultural experiences that come with residents being at the epicenter of what is happening in the city. As such, they make The Parkside Boston Common Condos an ideal place to live for those desiring luxury without having to sacrifice accessibility or peace of mind.

Next we will explore how The Parkside Boston Common fits into the housing market both practically as well as aesthetically.

Parkside Boston Common in the Housing Market

Parkside Boston Common is listed as one of the top luxury condominium residences in the city. With pricing ranging from $2 million to over $14 million for some of the more exclusive units, Parkside Boston Common undeniably adds value to the housing market. Its popularity among buyers has only been helped by its waterfront location and enviable amenities that include 24/7 concierge service, valet parking and media rooms that residents can rent out for private events.

The benefits of having a luxury residential development such as Parkside Boston Common within the real estate market are not just limited to those who can afford it. Having a high-end building close by will push values up in neighbouring developments, which often leads to an increase in desirability and higher property prices even in less expensive districts. Banks typically like to see properties such as this when Loan Officers are assessing loan applications, as their presence shows that buyers have access to desirable areas with quality amenities and secure investments.

However, on the flip side, some people argue that too much emphasis on luxury properties can cause an artificial inflation of property prices for more typical developments that provide basic housing needs. This argument suggests that if developers focus exclusively on luxury products, ordinary people may find themselves priced out of the market entirely. High-end development can make the playing field harder for first time homebuyers or individuals looking to upgrade from their existing homes into larger living spaces. Developers must be mindful of this issue and craft their projects accordingly, so that all members of society can benefit from the changing real estate landscape.

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions with Explanations

What services are available for residents of Parkside Boston Common?

Residents of Parkside Boston Common have access to a range of high-end amenities designed to make their stay in the building enjoyable and comfortable. These include on-site concierge services, 24-hour security and valet service, state-of-the-art fitness center, dry cleaning/laundry, private library with Wi-Fi, media room with movie theater system, access to an exclusive rooftop terrace with views of downtown Boston, and an outdoor pool with hot tub. Residents also have access to various social activities hosted at the building such as live music events, cooking classes, wine tastings, and art exhibitions. In addition, residents can take advantage of special discounts provided by local businesses in downtown Boston.

Are there any discounts for purchasing a condo at Parkside Boston Common?

Parkside Boston Common Condos offer a variety of options for buyers looking for discounts. Many condos are eligible for reduced closing costs when using the services of select lenders, and there may also be additional incentives available from participating real estate brokers. Additionally, there may be discounted prices available on select units throughout the year due to special sales or promotions. It is always important to discuss potential discounts with a qualified real estate professional prior to making any decisions.

What are the amenities included at Parkside Boston Common?

Parkside Boston Common offers its residents a wide range of amenities. Among these are high-end fitness centers, saunas, and steam rooms; a spa lounge; an indoor heated swimming pool and hot tub; a luxurious sun terrace with private cabanas; and a professional grade restaurant and bar. Additionally, the complex also features business facilities, concierge services, 24/7 security, underground parking spaces, and event space for hosting gatherings large and small. The sophisticated residences boast functional layouts, contemporary finishes and fixtures, designer kitchens and bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, state-of-the-art appliances, and in-suite laundry machines. Parkside Boston Common is truly a luxurious community to call home!

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