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Boston Real Estate in 2021


It’s not a question of if Keller Williams will go public but when. Founder Gary Keller may have no other choice.

Two classes of real estate companies are emerging. One is those that are raising eye-popping mounds of cash to grow, grab market share and innovate. The others are working off operating income to grow and expand.

This year, four of the largest real estate companies — Zillow, Compass, Redfin, and Realogy — collectively raised a staggering $1.87 billion in fresh funds.

For now, Keller is outside looking in at the big money pie that others are baking.

Compass has closed a $370 million series G funding round. Zillow announced a $650 million public offering.  Redfin announced a public offering of nearly $420 million. Realogy announced plans for a $500 million debt offering.

Then, add Berkshire Hathaway, which has sugar daddy Warren Buffet as its largest shareholder, a man who can write big checks whenever needed.

Plus, all of these companies, except Compass, are publicly traded with rich stock market valuations, giving them a powerful weapon to buy other companies. Publicly traded firms love to acquire other businesses when their stocks are priced high because they suffer less dilution. 

But in this pivotal moment in the real estate landscape, access to capital has never been more important. It funds technology innovation, helps to recruit and is necessary to participate in the iBuying movement which is growing very quickly and requires lots of capital.

However, without going public — through a SPAC or IPO — Keller must borrow a massive amount of money to compete with this new round of well-funded competitors or reinvest his profits, estimated at $100 million annually in the past and probably more this year. That seems to be what Keller is doing now, though there is no information on what percentage of those profits he is reinvesting. And it probably still falls short of what is needed right now.

I hear that Keller believes in leverage, like a mortgage loan, but personally, he is not a fan of straddling his firm with debt.

Boston Real Estate in 2021


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