2 common regrets first time Boston condo buyers experience

In 2018 Boston high rise condo buyers who get the keys to  luxury high rise condo should consider themselves lucky. After all a luxury high rise Boston condo is the most desirable type of buildings new Boston condo buyers are seeking, not only in Boston but throughout the United States. For this and other reasons it would be difficult to think that these Boston condo buyers having regrets in their purchases after moving into their units.

The neighborhood isn’t ideal

Even Downtown/Midtown near the Boston Common can bring about regrets among new Boston luxury condo buyers. For example, Friday and Saturday nights can be very busy and noisy and of course gridlock traffic can be a major issue.

The floor plan is too small

being displeased with the floor plan is a common regret when you move your furniture into the unit. The furniture staging looked great, but somehow your furniture doesn’t have the same feel.


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