Here we go again; Rentership in the country has increased from 61% to 69%. Homeowneship has decreased from 69% to 61%.

From Bloomberg News:

Stack, 66, who manages $1.3 billion for people with a high net worth, predicted the housing crash in 2005, just before prices reached their peak. Now, from his perch in Whitefish, Montana, he says his “Housing Bubble Bellwether Barometer” of homebuilder and mortgage company stocks, which jumped 80 percent in the past year, once again is flashing red.

 “It is 2005 all over again in terms of the valuation extreme, the psychological excess and the denial,” said Stack, whose fireproof files of newspaper articles on bear markets date back to 1929. “People don’t believe housing is in a bubble and don’t want to hear talk about prices being a little bit bubblish.”
First signs of the Boston housing bubble, it appears that the Boston condo owners of The Ritz Tower are starting to feel the 2018 slowdown. Presently, out of the 9 Boston condos for sale at the Ritz, 7 have reduced their asking price for the 2018 market.
1. 3 Avery Street #805
2. 1 Avery Street #166
3. 2 Avery Street #PHC
4. 3 Avery Street #708
5. 2 Avery Street# 20H
6. 1 Avery Street #29D

7. 1 Avery Street #20BBack to Boston condos for sale homepage

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