The 2018 real estate season has just begun and I noticed Boston first time condo buyers are out in full force, even in this cold and snowy weather. Unfrotunately for many, the number of Sunday Boston Open Houses are few and far between for starter Boston condos.
Yet, many Boston condo sellers have been hesitant to put their Boston condos on the market because of the recent weather trends. In the past, this was a legitimate concern; no one wants to put their condo on the market if you don’t have foot traffic.
But there is good news! If you are thinking of selling your Boston condo start off home and moving up to a luxury or premium home, there is more inventory available in these markets and you may even get a great deal on a home that has been on the market for a while.

Don’t let the fear of Boston’s cold and snowy weather  stop you from moving on with your life. Let’s get together to discuss ways to set expectations with potential buyers from the start. My staff will shovel out your entrance to allow buyers access to your home.

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Updated: January 2018

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