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 3 warning signs for Boston condo sellers

#1: Only one of the spouses has seen the condo.

Boston condos are selling even in the midst of the winter months of New England. Professionals are relocating here for hi-tech and finance jobs. It is not uncommon to meet one spouce at a showing while the other is working in their home state.

If you accept an offer on your condominium from one of these buyers, you run the risk that the other spouse will not be happy with the offer.

#2: The buyers offer contains every conceivable contingency.

Contingencies are components of the buyer’s offer which detail the conditions under which the buyer will buy your Boston cond0.  The fewer the contingencies, the fewer the number of hurdles that need to be cleared between accepting an offer and getting to closing day. The perfect offer is one that has almost no contingencies and the only way the buyer can get out of the contract is by forfeiting their earnest money.

If a buyer’s offer has every possible contingency, they might be a little on the overly-cautious / cold feet.

#3: “We just started looking yesterday”.

Your listing agent meets the new Boston condo buyers at the open house and they display buyer enthusiasm. And why not! Buying a Boston condo is thrilling, nerve racking and fun at the same time.  They gush about how much they love the condo and then they tell you, as they hand you the offer, that they just started viewing properties yesterday.

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