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I’m excited to announce I am running the 112th Boston Marathon, this April 21st.

You can be involved, too!

I am running to raise donations for Community Servings; my goal is $5,000.

Community Servings is a 20-year old organization that was created to help those living with or affected by AIDS, those in the last months of their lives.

Due to a miraculous turn of events, those with AIDS began living longer, healthier lives. Community Servings has now reached out to others with terminal and life-threatening diseases.

Seven hundred people receive meals from Community Servings, each day. Two full meals and a snack.

I know all about the organization, from living and working in the South End and in Boston for many years. I have supported it financially, over the years.

I have set a goal of $5,000. I am hoping that 50 of my readers will donate $20 each, that 20 of my readers will donate $50 each, and that 10 readers will donate $100 each. I have made a personal donation of $500 toward my goal.

I have already received a $1,000 donation; details, soon.

Thank you.

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