Glynn Hospitality wants to develop one of the last non-developed lots left along Newbury Street (and it may well be the very last developable lot on Newbury Street). Currently a surface parking lot hidden by a small brick wall, the small site is in between the popular Sonsie restaurant and a row of townhouses.

The Glynn Hospital Group, owner of a number of pubs in the city, wants to put up a five-story structure with retail out front and housing in the rest of the building. Not a big deal. But there are some concerns being voiced, the Herald reports.

The betting here is some sort of agreement will be reached on developing the site. The concerns appear to mostly center around aesthetic issues, not on whether building at the site will dramatically change the immediate area.

But an interesting thing that comes through in the article is how little space there is to develop anything on Newbury Street. The other interesting item, left unspoken, is why Glynn waited so long to do something with its prime parking lot.

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Updated March 2018

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