5 benefits of buying a Boston condo when you’re young

Buying a house can be a daunting task, especially those who are looking for their first home. One option is to buy a Boston condo for sale instead of a single-family house. Listed below are 5 reasons why.

Boston condos are more affordable

Boston condos are often more affordable than a single-family house in the same neighborhood. Furthermore, those looking at Boston condos for sale will find the insurance rates are lower on condos than a single-family home.

Boston condos are easier to maintain

Most condos have little or no maintenance. The condo management company will take responsibility of the upkeep of the building. With a single-family home you are solely responsible f or the upkeep and repairs.

Added security

Many high rise Boston condos have a doorman and those condo in the burbs many are gated communities.

Close community/social activities

many first time Boston condo buyers will be living in the same building of people their own age. This is great way to make new friends.

Additional Amenities

Depending on the condo building, residents may have access to a roof deck, laundry and regarding high rise condos perhaps even a pool or gym.

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