Finally planning on making that big move to Beacon Hill Boston? Everyone always talks about picking up and going to historical Beacon Hill, but it can be a big change.

If you’re coming from another state, buying a Boston condo for sale before you arrive can be challenging. Here are 5 tips to help you successfully relocate to Boston, Ma.

1. Research the City

It may be a cliché but do your research. Downtown Boston is a great idea but where do you plan on living? Boston is often described as a “City of Neighborhoods,” thanks to its hills and steep valleys that divide the City into unique communities.

There is Beacon Hill which sits atop a hill and has panoramic views of the City. The Fenway has been an up-and-coming  for last 10 years that is still reasonably priced and most famously known Fenway Park the home of the Boston Red Sox.

You can also settle in Boston Midtown and is now an upscale community with Boston high rise condos easy access to shopping.

If you prefer to be closer the “hub”n consider moving to Back Bay with luxury condos is nestled right alongside Newbury Street and Beacon Street a Boston luxury neighborhood with  bars, local grocers, and plenty of  cultural activities

2. Set Your Budget

Once you know the city and know where you work, you can figure out which neighborhoods are the best fit for your lifestyle. Come up with a budget, but don’t settle on a hard price. Think about ranges and what you will be willing to trade. Maybe you will agree to a slightly higher price if it means you have a shorter commute. Or maybe you’d prefer more “bang-for-your-buck” and are looking for a larger home but don’t mind being further east.

Buying a Boston condo for sale is not  like picking up groceries, you can negotiate with the seller. Figure out a range of prices and areas in which you are willing to move; the goal is to find flexibility in your purchasing plan.

3. Retain a Buyer’s Agent

It’s always a great idea to find the right real estate agent to represent you. If you are moving to Boston from out-of-state, it’s even more critical.

Agents know the city, and they can tailor a series of selections for you based on your wants and needs. Agents also help you manage the entire process, making your relocation effortless.

Finally, agents are helpful in scaring off potential scammers.

Yes, unfortunately, people pretend to show homes and even sell homes. An agent can ensure that every offer you explore is legitimate, and the deposit you are providing is for a valid purchase.

4. Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage

Your real-estate agent can also help you find a lender who will pre-approve you for a mortgage. Some banks do not give mortgages for out-of-state moves so you will need to find lenders that specialize in these offers.

5. Tour Homes

Finally, you can’t buy a home without walking around in it. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test-drive, make sure you like the smell, the handling, and how it all fits together. Buying a Boston condo is a similar process, you need to walk the halls and rooms, can you envision making it your space?