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Boston condo owners who plan on putting their properties on the market might ind today’s Boston condo blog post of interest.

Retaining a real estate agent is a must in competitive housing markets such as downtown Boston condo. Here are 8 strategies real estate agents might utilize to sell your property.

1. Perform a Comparable Market Analysis

Figuring out the market value of your property is one of the first steps, which is completed by means of a comparable market analysis. Although this is largely an automated digital process available to appraisers, developers, and real estate professionals, mortgage lenders often refer to this step as a “pencil appraisal.”

2. Consider the Most Marketable Pricing Options

You don’t have to settle for the tired strategy of listing at a high price and adjusting downward. Your real estate agent may have more marketable ideas.

3. Stage and Prepare the Space

Real estate agents know a lot about listing psychology. Do not invest in upgrades until an agent inspects your property. He or she can make recommendations based on the prospects your home is likely to attract.

4. Do Pre-Listing Research

Before the home appears as available in the regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Boston condo sale agent must conduct a fair amount of research to determine if a property can be sold and how it should be marketed. This research may include obtaining the most recent survey, acquiring the tax rolls, checking for zoning changes and restrictions, verifying the legal description as well as deed status, and a few other steps.

5. Create a Listing Agreement

The property marketing goals will be presented in the listing agreement. You will likely see three defined strategies: IDX, web, and These are standard and very powerful strategies, but your agent may have other tricks up his or her sleeve. For example, agents who specialize in Boston downtown high rise condos for sale often have connections with tech entrepreneurs who are active on private forums, mailing lists, and social gatherings.

6. Negotiate

Real estate contracts are meant to be negotiated. Oftentimes negotiating is a more effective option to get buyers interested in going to closing.

7. Review Market Conditions

Sellers are often surprised to learn about current market conditions that are not usually reviewed by the local news media. Unless you subscribe to specialized publications such as Crain’s or the regional NAR newsletter, which you would have to be a licensed realtor to get, you will not get the full view of market conditions. Based on these conditions, your Boston downtown condo sales agent will get your opinion on common goals.

8. Manage Multiple Bids

This is a real estate aspect FSBO sellers are known to handle poorly. In seller’s markets such as downtown Boston  condo market, savvy buyers will seek to control the bidding to their advantage when they realize it is for sale by the owner.

Boston condos for sale

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