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It’s natural to believe that everyone else is as confident, assured, long-term thinking, and generous as you are on your very best day.

But that’s unlikely. Because everyone else is probably not having their best day at the same time.

A Beacon Hill Apartment showing:

I bring this up because yesterday I had a walk-in and she wanted to view a Beacon Hil apartment.  I then called the listing broker and apologize about the spur of the moment request, she was very accommodating and said she would show the apartment.

Unfortunately, when when the broker arrived in her haste to accommodate us she brought the wrong keys. My client acted very professionally and instead of getting upset, she understood the awareness of the situation, and politely thanked her for her attempts to accommodate us.

Boston real estate and the Bottom Line

Once we realize that the world around us is filled with people who are each wrestling with what we’re wrestling with now or in the past (and more), compassion is a lot easier to find.

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