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A Boston brokers reflection on Labor Day Weekend

The end of Summer is here. Maybe you see your life passing by year by year. And here we are again on another Labor Day weekend. Humans live in a linear idea of time. There is a past, a present and a future. But life can only be lived in the present. You can only appreciate your life and all its moments if you are able to be there, with 100% of your energy involved.

Relax it’s Labor Day Weekend

Think about the last time you were ‘in the moment’. Perhaps you need to sell your Boston condo, or you need to rent an apartment because you were offered a new job in downtown Boston. If you have children and also work, your mind can be scattered between the tons of things you have to do for your family, appointments, clients, and you may feel that you cannot survive without multitasking. Maybe you carry your work home, need to contact clients, the worry about finances, the multitude of emails to answer… Can you be present with all of these items in your mind? Yes, you can. As one wise man once stated:

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Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2022

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