Today, I walked into CVS to pick-up a newspaper.

Me – What’s going on in here,  it looks like a war zone.

CVS Employee – Didn’t you hear.

Me – Ahhhh…..I’m sorry I didn’t read this month’s CVS newsletter.

CVS Employee – Those damn Liberals won’t allow CVS or any Pharmacy to sell cigarettes in MA.

Me – You don’t say.

CVS Employee – That’s why I like you John, your not a liberal.

Me – Can I just buy my NY Times and leave.

Here’s my off beat thought, prior to today, if you walked into the Beacon Hill CVS Pharmacy, or into any CVS Pharmacy for that matter, in front of the store is the sales counter, behind the sales counter are cigarettes (that can kill you). But, if you want to purchase a drug that can save your life (not kill you like cigarettes), you need to go to the back of the CVS store. Do you see any irony is this?

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