Today, I was at a local bank in Beacon Hill waiting to make a deposit and a conversation started…..

Landlord: John, how’s the apartment rental market.

Me: Do you want to hear the truth? This year I have more vacancy then I can ever remember.

Landlord: John, I hear you. My vacancy rate is up 10 – 20% from last year. Are you able to rent the apartments you have avail?

Me: Yes, but in many cases the landlord took a cut in rent or had to pay a min 1/2 the broker fee.

Landlord: Can I get your business card? As you know, I usually rent my apartments on my own via but this year I”ll need your help.

The point of me telling you this story, I think for the first time in many years apartment rents will be coming down in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Boston this rental season. Just my thoughts. Do you agree/ disagree?

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