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I would like to share this message from a Boston real estate mortgage broker  who also wrote several articles for this Boston Real Estate Blog:

Good morning, I hope all is well.

As many of you already know MetLife Inc. has stated it is exiting the business of originating forward residential mortgages. 

I will be moving on to one of the fastest growing Mortgage Lender’s in New England that will place my clients in the best pricing possible with the utmost level of customer satisfaction.

Please keep my cell phone number very handy over the next 30 days at 617-771-5021, I believe there will be some very attractive refinancing opportunities going forward.

As a home mortgage consultant, I look forward to providing you with ongoing service. I will keep you informed of innovative products and features as well as any beneficial mortgage banking changes.

Call me anytime with questions at 617-771-5021. I am also happy to be of service to your friends and family.

Regards, Brian C.

Brian Cavanaugh
Senior Mortgage Consultant
Boston, MA. 02110
617.771.5021 cell

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