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A stormy morning in Back Bay

A stormy morning in Back Bay

I felt a cold shiver all over my body. The wind was howling, the leaves from the trees were rustling. I was by myself caught in this storm. Nobody else was walking outside.  I heard the whoosh from the cars as they drove by on Commonwealth Ave.

I held myself tightly. I could even hear the pitter-patter of the rain as it stormed down towards the ground. The sky started to rumble really loudly. I saw a flash of lightning up ahead. I knew she would be worried but I wasn’t. I was as brave as could be. I charged through the rain getting totally soaked. Nothing would stop me.

I shielded my face from the terrible winds. I turned my walk into a jog, and then I ran as fast as I could towards my destination. I stopped silently to catch my breath as the wind died down a bit but not for long. I continued on. I smelt the familiar smell. 

As I looked in front of me I saw Starbucks. I was finally safe and sound.

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Boston condos for sale - Ford Realty Inc

Boston condos for sale – Ford Realty Inc

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