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A Story about a Boston condo broker late for dinner.

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A Story about a Boston condo broker late for dinner.

I came home late, I knew she would be mad.

I’m sorry, my Beacon Hill condo client showed up late for our appointment.

She stares at me as though I’ve just said I ran over the neighbor’s cat.

“I cooked you something.” She said.

“Why do you look so nervous? Have a seat. Relax.”

 I sit down in a chair in front of a plate of Chicken Piccata

quick chicken piccata over spaghetti

I wanted a beer, but I thought I should probably pass on it.

“How did you like the movie last night?” She asked.

Err…I don’t like Lifetime movies where the wife kills the husband.

“In the movie, the wife was mad, she spent hours making a romantic meal, the husband came home late, so she sent him to the morgue with shards of glass lodged in his throat.’

Yeah, I remember.

“But I’m not that angry, my love. Not today.”

“Bon appétit.”

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