A story about my first “dyno” move

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A story about my first “dyno” move

My buddy, the rock climber, wanted to help me get over my fear of heights by taking me rock climbing. This would be my first time at trying anything like that. He said he knew of a place which was near where we both lived. This is when I lived in New York.

“The fear of heights and high places is a natural fear. That fear can keep you alive but sometimes a fear of heights comes from ignorance of our safety system. If you’re afraid, check your knots, your belay anchor, which ties you to the rock and don’t look down. You can build up your tolerance for heights by climbing higher each time you go,” my friend explained.

As we worked our way up the cliff. My buddy, told me we’re going to do a “dyno” rock climbing move. I wasn’t sure what that was. He said just watch me first. For those who don’t know what “dyno” means in rock climbing.  A dyno is short for dynamic. In Rock climbing, when there is a move that requires a jump from one position to another is called a dynamic move. Once you start it there’s no turning back.

Climb Angel Dyno, Southern Nevada

“Wow,” I thought once we reached the peek  “The dyno rock climbing is very similar to Beacon Hill apartment renters jumping from renters to Boston condo owners. It’s natural in both cases to experience fear as we go through the change. Sometimes fear can be good by keeping us alert. Other times we live in fear because we don’t know about our safety system that they both have.

In both cases we need to remember to check our safety and anchors, making sure we remain secure and continue to look up rather than down as I climb higher each day.


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