This is my Boston real estate story of the day. It’s about a showing I did, and a possible lesson for newbie Boston real estate agents. But let me start off with another story about the rock band – The Rolling Stones. Somehow I’ll try to tie the two stories together. Please read on …

In his autobiography, Keith Richard’s Life, Richards talks about becoming a songwriter and how it changed his views on life. In the book, he tells how music caused him to be more attentive and to closely observe people on how they acted. To more closely listen to comments and phrases people use, always keeping an ear tuned for that next catchy song line. Richards writes how the songwriter part of him is always active and engaged — “never turning off. Unconsciously constantly running.”

Now back to my Boston real estate story: It may sound  strange, but more Boston real estate agents should be like Keith Richards. Not with the wild parties, but by listening and observing. The reason I bring this up, this week I did a showing with a new client. After showing him only two properties, he thanked me. Not for showing him the two properties, but that I listened to his needs and showed him properties in his price range. Apparently, his last agent (who will remain nameless) just showed properties, thinking more showings are better.

Many of you veteran agents know this, but my advice to new Boston real estate agents: The key to success in this business is very simple – listen, observe, and follow through. Don’t insult your client by thinking more showings are better. Just show them properties within their criteria. If you only have two properties that meet their requirements, just bring your client to those two properties. Tell your client: “Sorry, this is all I have at this time.” I think you’ll find they will respect you more.

File Under: Sermon on the Mount hill about Boston real estate.

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