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Some first time home buyers really do their homework. They read books, and the news and learn as much as they can about the Boston real estate buying process.  Some even watch those goofy television shows about buying a home. 

National Real Estate Website

There are some websites that have articles and lists that home buyers and sellers can read.  I am not sure who writes that crap. Some of it is good advice, I guess, and some of it appears to be for entertainment. 

Books on Getting Rich Buying Real Estate

There are plenty of books about getting rich in real estate and of course all you have to do is “follow these simple steps”, and plenty of books about how to buy a home.

The problem with the books is that real estate markets are local. The laws and contracts are regulated on the state level.  General business practices are not the same in each market either.  The books are pretty generic and they try to cover situations most downtown Boston will never encounter while at the same time missing important parts of the process in this state.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

This Boston Real Estate Blog may not be a literary masterpiece or have the drama of the goofy television shows about buying a home but it is packed full of useful information about buying a home in the downtown Boston real estate market.  Find it here and read it first.  There is a book on the market with questions every home buyer should ask.  If you read the guide first you will understand why you might be asking the wrong questions.

Interesting Facts

I learned a few more interesting facts regarding books:

* reported that 80% of U.S. families do not buy or read a book (e-book) in a year.

* 70% of U.S. adults have not been in a bookstore in five years.

* 58% of U.S. adults don’t read a book after high school.

* 40% of all books that are printed are never sold or read.

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