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A typical day for a Beacon Hill condo broker

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A typical day for a Beacon Hill condo broker

I’m on the train (T) for a scheduled showing of a Boston condo for sale, yesterday morning. The T is one of the newer redline trains with shiny seats that seem somewhat harder to stain and a polite voice that announces the stops. Over the PA system the recorded voice says, “Charles St., MGH” I get off.

As I’m walking down the stairs, my phone rings. It’s the listing broker confirming our Beacon Hill condo appointment. 

The condo showing was in one of the few buildings in Beacon Hill that has an elevator. When I arrive, my client is already there along with the listing broker outside the entrance. We all make pleasantries and enter the building. We greet the concierge, and head towards the elevator. As we take the elevator, the listing broker mentions all the amenities in the building.  We then exit the elevator, turn right, head down the hallway towards the condo.

The listing broker fumbles with the keys and finally opens the door to the condo. I’m watching my client as the listing broker was babbling about something unrelated to the showing. I noticed my clients eyes, they were like a forensic pathologist assessing a body for rigor mortis, searching for some indication of a fault with the condo. I noticed the listing brokers arm shaking without consciousnessly being aware of it.

The moment of truth,  She told me that the rooms had poor natural light and needed expensive renovations to make them workable for her style. It didn’t match up to the hype she had created in her mind, and we agreed to keep looking. After the next few condo showing we started to feel a trend developing. There was something about each home that she considered a deal breaker.

The search continues to find her dream Boston condo.

Finding the perfect Boston condo for sale can be as easy as one day, to a nightmarish one year. But it will be a joyful time when we find you that perfect (or near perfect) home.


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