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Film director Woody Allen has moved from a $25,000 per month rental to a single-family home, in New York City.

The ink just dried on his $25.9 million townhouse contract, as The New York Observer reported on Jan. 19.

In 1999, Mr. Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi, purchased a 40-foot-wide Carnegie Hill mansion for $17.7 million. Located on East 92nd Street, the massive residence was approximately 14,400 square feet.

In July 2004, after a very public dispute with developers building a nearby condominium tower, Mr. Allen sold the mansion for $24.5 million to former Goldman Sachs executive Barry Volpert.

That deal broke the record sales price for single-family homes, trading hands at about $1,700 per square foot.

So it’s not surprising that Mr. Allen recently told Vanity Fair, “I made more money in real estate than I’ve ever made from movies.�

Complete article: Woody ♥ New York: His $26 M. Townhouse Buy Sets an Expensive Trend – by Michael Calderone, The New York Observer

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Updated: January 2018

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