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Alyssa’s dream to own a Seaport condo

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Alyssa’s dream to own a Seaport condo

Alyssa’s clicked open her email and groaned, “Grrr! Another rejection.” All she was getting these days were rejections from mortgage companies to finance a Boston condo and her confidence was eroding like the California shoreline.

As she sat on her couch, in her Beacon Hill apartment with tears stinging her eyes, Alyssa plucked her book of inspirational quotes off the shelf. Though she had seen them all before, she hoped to find one that would hit the spot.

Then she saw it, a quote by Truman Capote that read, “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” Alyssa rolled it over in her mind a dozen times, and the next time she received a rejection she shouted, “Yummy.”

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