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Do you think “The Appraiser” would make a good organized crime movie? Don’t laugh. In fact, a closer look at the industry and its scandals reveals a “Godfather”-like underbelly, complete with death threats on public officials and sting operations.

There is a tongue in cheek style article by Sheree Curry in the recently ramped up HousingWatch page on AOL

Are Appraisals the New Organized Crime?

Here are a few exceprts from how should I say this err… an upset Appraiser:

“If that f- – -er Andrew Cuomo is on the Long Island Expressway and his head is blown off with a 30.06 [a high-powered rifle bullet] you’ll know who did it,” according to an official in the AG’s office.

Geoghan also sent at least one e-mail to the attorney general’s Web site threatening to kill Cuomo, the official said.

Geoghan “was apparently upset over some of the actions [Cuomo’s] office has taken regarding cracking down on mortgage-related fraud,” according to the official.

File Under: Hey, you got a problem with that?

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