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So you have a pre-approval letter from your loan officer for a Boston condo for sale for a certain price range.

But how long is it good for?

From my experience, a pre-approval letter is usually good for three months. As you look for that perfect downtown Boston home to make an offer on you need to keep in touch with your lender because he or she may not last as long as the letter. people who write pre-approval letters to get fired or to leave the mortgage company, credit union, or bank, and sometimes most of the time if they leave your file gets lost. Why? I don’t know.

Good & bad news for Boston real estate buyers

If your file vanishes the good news is that it can be rebuilt from scratch. The bad news is that you will need to provide all that documentation all over again and the worse news is closing on the home you want to buy may be delayed for weeks.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

It can get pretty messy and most people hate having to go through the process twice. It is rare that anyone admits that your file doesn’t exist they just ask you for the same information you already gave them and often they need it now.

It isn’t at all unusual for a pre-approval letter to last longer than the person who signed it but once they are gone you might not even exist as a customer.

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