Boston Downtown condos

A little more than a week ago, I was walking in Downtown Boston behind an overconfident basketball fan of the visiting team at TD Garden. They pointed to a downtown high rise condo building and commented on how Boston is entering a struggling real estate market. These sellers would probably take ANY offer, one of them said. I’m going to wait until the end of the year when people are really desperate. No one is buying anything here right now.

This might be the best example of deductive reasoning I have seen in a long time. While many areas of the nation are facing a housing slowdown that CNN and the Today Show readily report on, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all areas of the nation are in crisis, especially Boston.

Buyers are out there in the downtown Boston and they are buying! The 2019 sales data found in the paragraphs below supports this notion and suggests that there are not as many fence-sitters timing the market as the occasional downtown visitor may think.

Boston Midtown/Downtown condo sales stats

Lowest Price: $499,999Median Price: $1,395,000
Highest Price: $10,200,000Average Price: $1,672,815
Total Market Volume: $185,682,498