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Today I have a buyer who wants to view some Boston luxury condos.  It is noon on a Monday, also a federal holiday, and I emailed each agent early this morning, called and left messages on their cell phones. There are numerous sellers in Boston today who have their condos on the market, but will not have their property shown because their listing agents are not available (taking the day off are we)?  One listing agent is busy and doesn’t have her folder with her so she can’t call and see if I can show the condo.

I asked this agent if her office could help since she is busy as I have a buyer that wants to see this particular condo today. No, apparently not. She is the only one who can make the appointments and she doesn’t have the time.  She says she might be able to find some time to make this appointment tomorrow afternoon, but my buyer wants to see it earlier and is not available to accommodate this agent’s schedule.

Another homeowner will not have their property shown because their agent is also unavailable today — but can accommodate tomorrow.  But my buyer is available today, not tomorrow.

I am wondering why these agents don’t have some type of backup plans on holiday days when many buyers have the day off from work and have time to view properties.  They are both missing a really good opportunity to show their Boston condo listings. One of the most important things a seller’s agent can do is make their listing available, even at the last minute…my buyer could be the one that falls in love with your Boston condo, but you will never know because she can’t even get in to see it.

I believe that when I list a property that my obligation includes accommodating all appointments, even last-minute ones. I think a good Boston agent should have an assistant or a team player to assistant them in last-minute showing. I know many times I’ve shown Boston condos for my agents at the last minute (and vice versa) I think it’s critical because there are times when I may not be available and I would not want a homeowner to miss any appointments.

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