The city has tentatively approved a plan for the Christian Science church to build three new buildings on its famous campus — one high-rise and two mid-rise towers.

Nothing is set in stone, but it looks like the church, which hopes to raise money from the developments, is eyeing a residential tower along Huntington Avenue, at the end of its huge reflecting pool.

It’s not clear what would be in the other towers, but the church is hinting at retail shops, a hotel, residences and offices.

Some neighbors are skeptical about the overall build-out. One can’t really blame them. They’re now either and abutting or surrounded by a beautiful church complex with fountains and green space. But it looks like the city is taking care not to dramatically alter the landmark nature of the area that borders both the Back Bay and South End.

Fyi: Final details of the buildout have yet to be filed — and it could take years before everything is built.

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