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Great idea. Fantastic idea.

The owner of the Bayside Exposition Center today floated a plan to replace it with a $1 billion residential, retail and office development, creating a new waterfront neighborhood that juts out into Dorchester Bay.

Preliminarily, they said the development could have roughly 1,000 new housing units facing the bay, a commercial section with a grocery store, dozens of shops and expansions of the existing office building and hotel on the end of the site closest to the JFK-UMass Red Line station. Connecting the two would be a “main street” with green space, sidewalks and both water and street access.

The only downside is the traffic all this will cause. That’s a lot more cars on a road that already has hours of traffic jams, each business day.

Of course, this project, as described, would be subject to Chapter 91 regulations, as is the delayed NorthPoint development, also estimated to be a $1 billion project when (and if) it’s ever finished.

Complete story: Plan floated to redevelop Bayside Expo site – By Keith Reed, The Boston Globe

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