Do you know how large the neighborhood of Beacon Hill is?  According to Wikipedia it’s only one-sixth of a square mile.

In this 1/6th of a square mile, how many apartments do you think are available for rent between now and September 1st? 50, 75 or 100?

As of the date of this Boston real estate blog posting we have 153 Beacon Hill apartments listed on MLS. We also have additional 25 not listed on MS (per the owners request).

I expect in the next month we will have well over 200 Beacon Hill apartment listed on the multi-listing-service (MLS), 

Beacon Hill is getting clobbered

This is not just about Beacon Hill apartments for rent. I’m referring to almost every industry on the Hill. Don’t believe me? just take a stroll down historic Charles Street and see all the vacancy signs. But it’s not just storefronts. it’s also Beacon Hill hotel vacancies which in return are hurt clothing stores and gift shops up and down Charles Street. 

It’s a similar story throughout every college city and in small college towns across the country, where you’ll see paper signs taped on the doors, retail windows, restaurants, and pub entrances announcing they’re closed until further notice.

According to the Brookings Institute:

Cities with high-level, four-year universities see thousands a year economic boost for every student enrolled at the school. The result is a thriving but small, business-rich local economy with a highly educated and wealthy population …

As Boston take steps to reopen businesses and restart the local economy, merchants in Beacon Hill and other college neighborhoods are only now entering their traditional Summer slow period, even as they look ahead to a fall forecast clouded with uncertainty. With uncertainty around colleges’ plans to reopen, experts warn merchants in Beacon Hill and those in other college downtown Boston neighborhoods that they might face a prolonged slump that could mean “total devastation.”

Our staff 100% verified these Beacon Hill apartments for rent are still available.

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