Beacon Hill Apartments for September 2020

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I’ve noticed that many Beacon Hill apartments are not actually listed anywhere – the broker will rent the Beacon Hill apartment at the desired price even without listing it on MLS. In case you don’t know, MLS is the shared Multi-Listing-Service used by Beacon Hill brokers

Good brokers (not the bad ones) know the major rental Beacon Hill buildings in the area, and regularly query for upcoming vacancies. So not only are these units unlisted, brokers also have a heads up before they actually come on the market.

Lucky, for my readers, you can be one of those renters. The BEST news if you decided to use me directly, I’ll only charge a 1/2 months broker fee for September Beacon Hill apartments.

I encourage you to visit this link daily for off-market Beacon Hill apartments for rent with a start date of September 1, 2020.

What NOT to do when looking for September Beacon Hill Apartments

Based on this, I have a few suggestions:

  • Don’t craigslist unless you want to experience the scams on the month. The responses for CL rental postings in Beacon Hill is horrific, full of duplicate posts, obvious spammers, and more scams than you can imagine.
  • If you insist  it, be mindful of rampant bait-and-switch ads (“that unit just rented! here’s another one that’s just like it but has a broker fee!”, or “that unit ‘just rented’! here’s a hole in the ground for around the same price!”), as well as broker apartments masquerading as no-fee apartments.
  • Use craigslist for roommate ads, these are far less sketchy and actually useful. Living with roommates is also, coincidentally, probably the easiest way to avoid broker fees.
  • And here’s the most important one: walk the neighborhood(s) you want to live in. Bring your cell phone, take pictures and notes of *every* for rent sign you see. Some are up on buildings, mine are located on my picture window at 137 Charles Street, Beacon Hill
  • It is also generally a good idea to compile a list of buildings/management companies in your desired neighborhoods passively, so by the time you’re looking for something, you’ve got an encyclopedic knowledge of all of the rental buildings in the area, at which point you’re just a very long string of phone calls away from a new pad.
  • This is a big ONE – be very careful of Boston Beacon Hill brokers. agents that don’t have an office in Beacon Hill
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