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Beacon Hill broker: Be grateful for today

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Beacon Hill broker: Be grateful for today

The barbershop smelled of talcum powder and the TV sports channel was blaring the football scores. The Beacon Hill condo broker closed his eyes and felt the gentle tugs of scissors cutting through his thinning graying hair. He remembered back to a time where he played football as a kid, as the barber struggled to tame his gorgeous mane. Now he was an aging male with a comb over and a growing paunch to boot. 

The bell announced a new customer. The Beacon Hill broker opened his eyes to see Charlie come in. Charlie rubbed what little stubble he had on the top of his noggin.  “Got time to shave me?” Charlie asked. “My daughter is getting married this week.”

The Beacon Hill broker smiled and closed his eyes. He may not have much, but he had more hair than Charlie, and that was good enough to be grateful for today.

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Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2023

Byline – John Ford Boston Beacon Hill Condo Broker 137 Charles St. Boston, MA 02114


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