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Beacon Hill broker: “I think I have too many gray hairs”

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Beacon Hill broker: “I think I have too many gray hairs”

You can always tell when I’m at a loss of words on what Boston condo topic I should write about. Today, is one of those days. I think I’m going to blame it on shoveling the driveway, it took a lot out of me. However, I do have a short story that I would like to share with you.

Last night, as I was preparing to go to bed, I took the change I had out of my front pocket along with my keys and placed them on top of the night table next to my side of the bed. I than I plugged in my cell phone so it would be recharged in the morning. As I was sitting on the bed, I asked Mona, if she can look at the back of my head to see if I had grey hairs back there. Because I managed to pluck one out this morning.

My eternally optimistic spouse sat next to me on the bed, looked at the back of my head and said, “Every thinks looks okay” I told her, can you be more specific, she replied, “Okay, I think your bald spot is getting larger.”




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