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I see a lot of gray walls in Beacon Hill condos and apartments these days. it works well as a neutral but after awhile neutral can be boring. I like the idea of pairing it with a bright color. That is kind of the point of neutrals. They fit into almost any decor.

A color we used to call “Realtor Beige” was my go-to color when someone needed a recommendation, now I go with a beige/gray type color that it a more 2020’s type neutral. It is not quite beige or gray.

Beacon Hill Color Trend for 2021

Once this pandemic is over I hope the new trend for Beacon Hill condos for sale will be a brighter color for 2021. However, somehow, gray seems to be the appropriate color for 2020.

With that said, I can’t see painting an entire room bright yellow “illuminating” but I am sure some folks will. I see a lot of pale yellows and golds but not a lot of bright yellow in homes.

If you are planning on selling your Boston Beacon Hill condo and if it needs paint it is important to keep it neutral.

Millennials are rapidly becoming the most significant living demographic in the United States, and as the oldest group in this age range will soon be turning forty, they are also the leading group of Beacon Hill condo buyers and trend influencers as well. This has led to an increased focus by manufacturers, home fashion experts and consultants, and anyone else involved in this industry to take notice of their tastes and style preferences.

This often-maligned generation, blamed for everything from the death of MTV to the rise of skinny jeans, now has more buying influence and trend suggestibility than another group, so with that in mind we put together a list of some of the options that millennials are choosing when it comes to designs for their Beacon Hill condo bedrooms:


The bedroom used to a place for flare and excess when it came to the use of colors. Reds and greens have always been very popular, as have floral and flannel patterns. However, the current generation seems to prefer a more neutral tone in this room, which in all honesty is probably best since the most commonly desired function in this area is sleep. Some accessories such as white noise machines or specific plant species can aid in the nocturnal process as well.


In keeping with the theme of the previous entry, the commitment to a greener, healthier planet doesn’t end by merely using environmentally-conscious bedding and fabrics, it extends into everything we bring into our homes and use on a regular basis.

With that in mind, millennials are also reducing energy consumption as much as possible when they can as well, opting for more natural sunlight during the day, and softer, less demanding light sources at night such as LED or low-watt bulbs.


Another common trend we are seeing is people including a work area in their bedroom spaces. The set up is usually as simple as a basic corner desk with a laptop or desktop on it, independent lighting in the form of a floor or desk lamp, and a comfy chair.


Even though most of the styles we see for this group tend to lean toward the neutral colors, when they do pick a traditional shade, it usually seems to be some type of blue. Often times it is typically a darker blue, along the lines of a navy or royal blue. 


Something else that is becoming popular (especially in apartments and condos) is the idea of free-flowing connectivity in living spaces. For this reason, we are seeing more and more bedrooms that become a part of the overall area of the entire home, rather than being a closed-off and hidden behind a door.

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